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A number of artists were Dance of Dewi (Goddess) Saraswati at Culture Festival IX Badung Regency 2015 in Mangupura, Bali, Sunday. The festival, which was held for 16 days involving hundreds of artists from six districts in an effort to boost tourism and the preservation of arts and culture in the area. Photograph by The Bali Times/ANT.

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Denpasar Customs Officials Confiscate Methamphetamine in Postal Parcels

DENPASAR Officials of Customs and Excise of Denpasar chapter’s office in Bali confiscated a hundred grams of methamphetamine which was being smuggled in two postal parcels sent from abroad, an official stated. Head of the Supervisory and Services division of Denpasar Customs and Excises office, Mohamad Saptari made the remarks here on Tuesday, adding that […]

Bali Eyes More Chinese Tourists in 2016

DENPASAR Bali’s Association of Travel Bureaus (Asita Bali) is optimistic of witnessing a surge in the number Chinese tourists visiting Bali in 2016. Direct flights from Chinese cities to Bali Island could help increase the number of Chinese tourist arrivals, Chairman of Asita Bali I Ketut Ardana stated here, Monday. On January 12, 2016, Garuda […]

Three Suicide Bombers Reportedly Blow Themselves Up in Jakarta

JAKARTA Three suicide bombers blew themselves up near a police post in the Jakarta Theatre Building at MH Thamrin Boulevard, Central Jakarta, on Thursday morning, according to an eye witness. The first and second explosions occurred in the Starbucks coffee shop at around 10:40 a.m. local time, Tri Feranto, a security officer of Bank Mandiri […]

Kuta Tourist Area Needs Reform and Management

DENPASAR The tourist region of Kuta, in the Indonesian island resort of Bali, in 2016 needs reform and management in various supporting sectors such as traffic management and environmental hygiene, according to tourism practitioner Nyoman Sarjana. “The Kuta tourist area will face a great challenge in the future because from year to year the traffic […]

Bali Selected as World’s Best Island

JAKARTA Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said he was proud of Bali for being selected as one of the world’s best islands by the US Travel+Leisure Magazine at the end of 2015. “I am very proud of Bali for being selected as one of the world’s best islands,” the minister said here several day ago. Based […]

Australian Minister Resigns Over Hong Kong Bar Incident

SYDNEY/ANTARA/AFP An Australian government minister resigned Tuesday after admitting to an “error of professional judgement” while at a Hong Kong bar with a female public servant. Jamie Briggs was forced to stand down as Minister for Cities and Built Environment after the woman raised questions about his behaviour during the late-night outing. Briggs would not […]

Chili Festival Introduces the Spicy Sambal Sauces of Bali

GIANYAR Bali Safari & Marine Park once again played an active role in spicing up daily life in Bali by hosting the 6th Annual Chili Festival. Held on December 26 – 27, 2015, at the Bale Banjar Area of the Bali Safari Park, the two-day event was dedicated to the proposition that “some like it hot” and was […]

Australian Citizen Deported after Completing Jail Sentence

DENPASAR An Australian citizen, Joshua Ronald Terellick, will be deported to his country after serving two months and 15 days jail sentence following his conviction in a case related to a road accident that claimed the lives of a Balinese citizen. Putu Agus Ardiana (22), a resident of Banjar Cica Abianbase village in Badung District, […]

Number of British Tourists Visiting Bali Up By 28.82%

DENPASAR Bali provincial tourism office has noted that the number of British travelers visiting Bali rose by 28.82 percent, with the maximum number of foreign tourists visiting Bali in October 2015. “This is very encouraging for Bali’s tourism sector at a time when economic growth has been less favorable,” Bali tourism observer Made Sudana said […]

AirAsia Indonesia Clinched Best National Airline at Bali International Customer Satisfaction Award 2015

SEMINYAK AirAsia Indonesia is named Best National Airline at the prestigious Bali International Customer Satisfaction Award (BICSA) 2015 in Denpasar. AirAsia Indonesia Station Manager in Bali Garry Stefiano Wulyardhi represented the airline to receive the accolade during the awarding night at Harris Kuta Bali on Sunday. Bali International Customer Satisfaction Award (BICSA) was initiated by […]

Welcoming MEA, Bali Local Products Have a Chance to Seize Market

KUTA Welcoming ASEAN Economic Community (MEA), which will take effect January 1, 2016, is an opportunity for local products to seize the market. Moreover, the release of Finance Minister Regulation 132 / PMK10 / 2015, an increase of tariffs on imported goods make opportunities for local products to compete in the market. It was revealed […]

Harris Hotels Offers Magnificent Carnival Theme to Celebrate Its 13th Anniversary

SUNSET ROAD Warmth, happiness, optimism and enthusiasm are some of the keywords which represent the color orange and that’s exactly why TAUZIA Hotel Management chose the color to represent HARRIS Hotels. Beginning in Batam in the year of 2002, HARRIS Hotels now operates in 21 popular destinations across Indonesia and this year will mark the […]

Singapore Tourists to Bali is Reducing

DENPASAR Central Statistics Agency, the number of tourists from Malaysia and Singapore during the period from January to October 2015 decreased due to reduced public interest of the two neighboring countries visited Bali “The two countries where people are less to travel to Bali are Malaysia only 152 251 people during the period January-October 2015 […]

Economic of Bali is Predicted Growing 7.03%

DENPASAR Bali economy in 2016 is predicted to grow in the range of 6.03% -7.03% as the stronger of consumption, improving investment climate and export performance. According to Bank Indonesia Representative Office of Bali, the improvement in consumption along with the improvement in consumer expectations in 2016 and an increase in province budget, regency / […]

Bali is a Choice for Tourist to Spend Their Old Age

DENPASAR Bali island is not only known as a world tourism destination, but also be one of the convenient place for elderly tourists who wants to spend his retirement. Thousands of elderly tourists who come to Bali come from all over the world, one of them is Netherlands who choose to stay temporarily or settle […]