Cellphones ‘Dangerous for Children’

VIENNA, Austria ~ Doctors in Austria have warned of the dangers of cellphones to children and called for them to carry labels showing their radiation levels.

“When drugs are launched into the market, the research on their effects is made public. With mobile telephony on the other hand, new technology is being distributed when its effects are still not known,” warned Erik Huber, a doctor specializing in environmental issues, on the Austrian doctors’ association website.

He said children should be specially protected against radiation emitted by cellphones.

“Our children should not be used as guinea pigs,” warned Huber, adding that “mobile telephones are about as dangerous for children as sunbathing.”

The group advised that phones should be used as infrequently and as briefly as possible, and not in cars as that increased radiation levels.

Its recommendations, which also include avoiding playing games on cellphones, have been taken up by Austria’s health ministry.

Meanwhile, a British survey revealed this week that more than 90 percent of British children have a cellphone.

Some 51 percent of all 10-year-olds own a cellphone, but that figure rises to 91 percent by the time children hit the age of 12, according to a survey by The Mobile Life Youth Report.

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