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My client John wanted to create abundance for himself. He had recently moved into a new house, had a new partner, a new business and though he had a good job as a teacher, wanted an income increase to create his desired lifestyle.

John asked me to write him an Advanced Light Language grid for Abundance to help him realize his lifestyle goals.

Light Language is what we naturally create in our aura, the magnetic field surrounding our body. Fascinatingly, when we think or feel something, we throw out sacred shapes in various shades of colored light from our chakras. This is how our aura, the magnetic field around our body, is formed, and it continually changes in response to our thoughts and feelings. You can see the color of your aura through Kirlian Photography (only the overall color, though not the detail.)

Our aura may be thought of as an energy field which connects with other people and the energy grid of the planet. The way we attract events in our lives is through our aura. Our personal vibration attracts events which feel the same as what we are carrying already.

To attract what we truly desire, we need to strongly feel we already have that thing already. Enter Light Language Grids – these special energy configurations patch the holes in the carpet of your aura, bridging the gap between you and your goal. They hold the intention powerfully in your aura so it can manifest – overcoming the randomness of thought.

The Light Language Practitioner evaluates the present state of your aura and designs a specific energy grid that enhances it, to give you the energy pattern needed to attract your goal. The grid is automatically installed in your aura on completion and you receive a note of it on paper to put by your bed.

Grids work in mysterious ways, however. Because they heal the subconscious mind, we cannot know consciously the solutions that they will offer to us, which are often surprising and original. You find yourself transforming and growing in the process.

Light Language is an ancient healing tradition of the Mayans, passed down by the Curanderos Mexican shamen. There are few practicing Advanced Light Language practitioners in the world. It is an intense, 10-day course and is a “caught teaching” – an aura-to-aura initiation. I learned from Amana Virani, an international teacher who sometimes practices in Bali.

Some Light Language Shapes and Meanings

Sphere      Many Choices

Pyramid (square based) Integration

Octahedron (two pyramids with bases joined)


Cube  Stability

Cylinder    Rapid Creation

Cone Gentle Creation

Icosahedron (20 triangular faces)


Dodecahedron (12 pentagonal faces)

12 Clear Choices

Mobius (figure 8 infinity sign)

Attraction, Connection

So a cylinder in red, color of the base chakra and the physical world, brings very fast creation. An Octahedron in blue, color of communication, brings optimal communication, so this is good for relationships. A Dodecahedron in yellow, the color of clarity, brings 12 clear choices, good for business, and in gold, the God color, brings cash.

We use a total palette of 144 shades associated with the chakras – for example: the color “Snow” is “now,” handy for bringing rapid results; Rosy Brown or “cha-ching!” the sound of a cash register, is great for realizing cash; and Light Goldenrod, nicknamed “kick-ass” is another miracle cash color.

Choose Your Own Chakra Shapes

A stationary grid is a personal grid – one shape and color is installed in each of your seven chakras. It defines how you prefer to interact with the world in each chakra. For example, an orange Dodecahedron in your Sacral chakra increases cashflow. A Light Language practitioner can tell you what shapes you have there already, and suggest improvements.

You say the colors and shapes aloud three nights in a row to install the grid in your aura; it lasts three months. You can have stationary grids defining your business, your buildings, your relationships and your projects. You define the way you would like the energy to be, and the grid holds the energy in your aura for you.

Did you try the meditation techniques I gave last week?  Practice them as you read through this creative visualization, which brings an experience of Light Language.

Light Language Meditation

Hold your spine straight, yet relax and breathe deeply through the nose. Find yourself in a great hall, filled with light. You walk up the path in the centre of the hall to a raised platform. A hooded person is waiting for you and gives you a golden chalice to drink from.  Drink from the cup. The person points at a screen and you watch color and light appearing. Stay as long as you like, enjoying the show. Ask the guide any questions you need to. When you are ready, gently return to the room.

Postscript:  John’s Abundance Grid kicked in, revealing new opportunities and giving him the confidence to pursue them. He has successfully streamlined his expenditure, hired new people in his business, bringing new income, and is now working on a highly lucrative screenplay concept for TV.

(Names & details mentioned her have been changed to project identities).

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By Jelila

The Bali Times

Jelila is an internationally renowned healer, hypnotherapist and transformational guide who practices in Asia and is now in Bali. If you have a question you would like answered in this column, please write to Jelila at Tel: +62 (0) 361 766259 Mobile: +62 81 239 43354.

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