The Future and What It Holds

The Future and What It Holds

KUTA, Bali ~ What is your vision of the future? Do you believe in wonderful things? Or are we stuck in doom and gloom? Create your glowing future here.

Case Study – Insomnia

A reader, Julie, emailed about help with sleeping. Insomnia is often caused by fear of the future, expressed as practical concerns about the next day (work etc.) or as a general fear of the future. The conscious mind must let go for us to sleep. Sometimes this active, masculine ego part of ourselves is afraid of being taken over by the feminine, subconscious, intuitive side that we surrender to when we dream, which prevents sleep.

To help insomnia, embrace and acknowledge that the masculine part of you may be afraid of being taken over by the feminine. (This is a common subconscious fear).

On a practical note, write a to-do list for tomorrow, and put it on the floor by your bed, affirming that you will handle it all perfectly. Ask your subconscious mind to deal with it as you sleep, and all will be well.

The Mayans and Doom

The Mayans chipped away at their stonework, fashioning a calendar that ends in 2012.  From this, some of us have deduced that the world ends, or changes, in 2012. Has anyone considered that perhaps the Mayan’s just got tired of chipping, or that their chisels got blunt?

If you sat down now, to map out a calendar for the future, how long would you go? Until the year 3,000? Or 4,000? You wouldn’t map it out for all time, would you? Could you?

Meditation – New Calendar

Relax, breathe and imagine yourself sitting in a cave, surrounded by light, smoky-white stone, holding a chisel. You are chipping a calendar out of rock. Watch the dates forming, the years forming. Two thousand and ten, 2020, 2050, 3000…  Continue watching the dates.  When you feel ready to stop, gently come back to the room, bringing all you have realized.

How Psychic Readings Work

As I explained last week, our aura, the magnetic field around the body, is created by our thoughts and feelings. It’s our information system, containing every feeling we have ever felt and everything we believe is true (consciously or subconsciously).

Our wishes and desires (positive and negative) form in our aura as Light Language – sacred shapes and colour that create an energy vibration – a pure feeling. Your experiences in life are attracted to, and match, the feelings in your aura.

When you go for a psychic reading, the reader senses the vibration in your aura, and tells you what is going to happen. The important thing to know is that you put those things in your aura, ready to be created into reality, yourself, through your thoughts and feelings. There is no outside force creating your experience for you; you are doing it all yourself, moment to moment. There is no meant to be. When we say something isn’t meant to be when it doesn’t happen, the truth is we just didn’t have the vibration for it in our aura. Or we didn’t hold it there long enough or strongly for the thing to manifest (this is what Light Language grids help with, as I explained last week).

To give an example: you wished for a new job. Or a new partner.  The wish goes into your aura and forms part of your personal vibration.  And then those things are attracted. However, if you are also putting out the vibration “I hate my job,” then you will attract more of the same (hateful job), so the new job you wished for may be cancelled.

The Magic of Co-Creation

The web of creation gets really interesting as we come into contact with others. We naturally attract people with similar vibrations to ourselves and thus, similar beliefs and life experiences – hence we say of our mate: “He’s just like my father!”

We attract the familiar feelings that we already have in our aura). As communities, and as a planet, we co-create – our ideas of collective possibility and preference, and our negative ideas, form the future that we envision and therefore create. There is no pre-mapped-out destiny.

How We Condition Each Other

We are all masters of conditioning and do it all the time. By this I mean our expectations and resultant behavior on meeting a friend condition them to respond in kind. This is both overt, where our physical behavior communicates what we expect – for example, our smile communicates expectation of a friendly meeting – and covert, where our energy vibration also communicates – we have a secret we don’t wish them to discover (they will feel this and feel cut off from us on some level. It may cause them to pull back from us). Do you see how we delicately engineer meetings, quite naturally, and affect the result, without even realizing?

The Power of Loving Intention

Loving Intention is when you make a good wish for something. It’s a wonderful thing to do and very powerful. What loving intentions might you make for the world? Some ideas: 

•     Water/solar power is now a reality. Nuclear power is no longer needed.  Oil is no longer something to fight over. (Australia is already building a giant solar plant).

•     New treaties are formed allowing cordial relationships among surprising new combinations of countries as we mix and match the best qualities of nations.

•     Borderless Europe expands to more countries allowing free trade and movement of people.

•     Led by the reality TV concept, voting on political issues via internet allows diverse communities an active voice in government (this is already happening in Byron Bay, Australia).

•     Reality TV shows expand to take action on the issues of global communities.

•     Oprah Winfrey starts a global peace and education movement.

•     Many more people take responsibility for their creations, instead of blaming others/the world. Governments follow.

•     Peace within becomes a reality for many as we heal our deep subconscious issues and fears. World peace becomes possible.

•     Countries collaborate in innovative ways to overcome the economic problems behind ecological issues such as forest burning.

•     We overcome our fear of being terrorized and terrorism suddenly vastly reduces.

•     Passports are abolished and people can move freely among countries.

•     We overcome our belief in lack and struggle, relax and begin to enjoy true global abundance.

•     New healing tools and technologies using colour and light are available on the internet and cellphones, vastly raising awareness.

•     New computer games raise awareness and teach conscious creation and positive thinking.

Have a pen and paper with you and write down what you discover from this meditation.

Meditation – Loving Intentions

Relax, breathe and find yourself at the mouth of a high cave overlooking a beautiful gorge. A river flanked by acres of trees stretches far to the horizon. A bird flies to you, with a message in its beak. You slowly read the message. As you look down to the river, people arrive in a boat with packages. They beckon you down to join them. Stepping down to a low portal of the cave, you welcome the canoe and with the people you receive and open the packages.

Gently come back to the room and write down your insights.

List your loving intentions inspired by the packages, for yourself and the world; make a wish for them in the present tense (i.e. “The world now has X.”) and imagine them flying freely out into the world.

If you were in charge of the world, what would you create? (You are in charge, by the way.) The most important thing in order to create a wonderful positive future is to believe in one.

Postscript: Another insomnia solution is my deep-healing song Dolphin Journey. I have never been able to stay awake all the way through it. (CD available from The Holistic Centre, Kuta, for US$30. I am sending Julie a copy, and will give a copy to the next reader who sends a query answered here.)

(Names & details mentioned have been changed to protect identities.)

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Jelila is an internationally renowned healer, hypnotherapist and transformational guide who practices in Asia and is in Bali until November 18. If you have a question you would like answered in this column, please write to Jelila at Tel: +62 (0) 361 766259  Mobile: +62 81 239 43354.

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