Feelings of Frustration

SINGAPORE:  If you’re feeling frustrated, and can’t get what you want, then this is for you.

Case Study – Frustration

My client Mark was feeling frustrated and stuck. The manager of a vase-production business in Bali, he put everyone else first, feeling compelled even to sweep the floor himself in order to create a feeling of equality with his staff. He would cancel a holiday and give the money to every needy person, however much he actually needed and deserved that holiday himself, leaving him exhausted, which in turn made it hard to look after his staff and business properly.

In a personal-transformation session, we explored Mark’s feelings. On a deep level, he felt “I must be responsible for everything.” This is taking the troubles of the whole world on your shoulders. As I explained last week, “must” in a belief commands the universe to create it, so there is no escape. We cleared this belief and Mark felt a great sense of relief as he saw he did not need to save everybody and put everyone before himself.

Mark was feeling frustrated about cash. It just didn’t turn up when it was supposed to, leaving him short and embarrassed and unable to meet his obligations.

We discovered he had a belief “I’m afraid I won’t meet my obligations – I must not meet my obligations,” which I guided him to embrace and acknowledge, releasing and leaving him feeling relieved and grateful. We also cleared the belief “I must be frustrated,” which creates frustration, even if there’s no logical reason for it.

Meditation – Releasing Too Much Responsibility

Relax, breathe and find yourself climbing a tree. The branches sway slightly and you feel the breeze. Fresh green leaves rustle against your face. Taking a rest and a drink from your flask, you see an ocean in the distance, with a small boat sailing on it. Climb further up the tree where you can see more easily, and take out a white-shell telescope. Extending it, you look towards the boat, and see yourself in it, looking back at you through a telescope.  Continue looking at yourself for some time, go around, look from the other angle and allow yourself to be shown an answer. Continue as long as you want. Ask a guide or the person in the boat for clarity if you need it. When ready, gently return to the room, bringing your new insights with you.

How to Clear a Negative Belief

To release a negative subconscious belief, say the following out loud: I choose to believe… I must be responsible for everything. I love myself when I believe… I must be responsible for everything.  And I embrace it; I surrender. Feel your feet on the ground, drink water, rest.

Lack of Commitment Begets Frustration

Your own lack of commitment can cause you great frustration, because any area where you are showing lack of commitment – for example, not delivering when you say you will, not holding up your end of a bargain, not paying on time, not fulfilling your promises, being late – causes the same response from the mirror of the universe. So if you feel angry that the world is not giving you what you want, pause, and examine any areas where you are demonstrating a lack of commitment – to yourself, anybody else, anything. Honor your commitments, get moving, demonstrate to the universe “I am committed,” “I deliver,” “I am reliable and trustworthy” through your actions to yourself and others, and the universe will start delivering to you again.

(You may also clear the belief “I must not deliver,” “I’m afraid I must not deliver.”)

Exercise – Commitments

With paper and pen ready, relax, breathe and begin to write: “I owe…,” and “I promised” and “I’m sorry I didn’t,” “I said I would…,” “I forgot to…” and list anyone you owe something to. Now fulfill those commitments, or make a plan to, as best you can – a symbolic way is ok, if that’s the only way possible, for example: if the person has died, give the money you owe to a charity.

Releasing Lower-Level Bonds and Agreements

Sometimes we have made “lower-level agreements” – bonded ourselves to certain commitments with others that we cannot or should not keep. These are limiting, or bad, for us. These bonds can be from past lifetimes and are karmic links or even, curses that keep us trapped in old patterns of bondage and slavery. Such patterns can cause great frustration: love-triangles usually involve such manipulative agreements, where we need to be propped up by someone else or use their energy like a battery, rather than standing up alone.

Here is a meditation to release such links:

Relax, breathe, find yourself in a room with a giant crystal standing in front of you and a guide beside you. Feel yourself walk through the crystal to the other side with the guide. Now turn around so you are looking back through the crystal to where you were just standing. Now say the following, as you slowly move through the crystal with the guide to where you first were standing: “I command you to release all bonds.” Turn around as you get through the crystal, and it softly disappears, freeing you. Gently return to the room.

Beliefs like “I’m bound to be a failure” are an example of a bond. If you have a habit of saying “I’m bound to be late,” then you always will, and you most likely have a bond relating to time. “I’m bound not to meet my obligations” is another nasty one (for you never will). Embrace and acknowledge these to release them.

Higher-level agreements, by the way, are ok. These are from the heart, for the good of all parties and include soul agreements made before we came to this lifetime.

Frustration Begets Frustration

Another unfortunate effect of frustration is that we send out the feeling of it to the universe, which, being a mirror, responds by reflecting back more frustrating circumstances. So it is a vicious circle, as is any negative or uncomfortable feeling. To break the cycle, take a break and feel a different, more positive feeling. Here is a calming meditation to help:

Meditation – Releasing Frustration

Relax, breathe and imagine yourself walking towards a green forest clearing, carrying an instrument. All manner of fairy figures are joining the ring – minstrels, fairies, elves, a man leading a bear on a chain, dancing golden flute and lyre players with flowers in their hair, a unicorn, fauns and more. Notice how you feel, and what you are wearing. Are there flowers? Is there a scent for you to notice? Look down at your toes and fingers and notice how they are adorned with bells. As you come to the clearing, you begin to breathe more deeply and smile. Feel uplifted as you move lightly, playing. You dance, then pick up a flute and begin to play, as others dance. Then you are beckoned to join in the dance again and you give your flute to another so that they may play for you, and dance and whirl. Enjoy the experience and when ready, gently return to the room, knowing you are one of the magical ones, the dreamers.

“Everything is working out perfectly all by itself” is a wonderful affirmation to say to yourself if you suffer from frustration.

Postscript:  I wrote Mark a Light Language Grid (a healing energy pattern installed in the aura), releasing him from all lower-level agreements. He is currently discovering what these agreements have been, as they come to light, and his relationships are reaching new clarity, honesty and understanding, leaving him feeling relaxed and free.


(Names & details mentioned have been changed to protect identities).

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