Hats off to Benevolent Bali

Loved the benevolence of all the charitable guests who packed out Kafe Warisan at a fundraising dinner and auction last week in support of the Bantul Kindergarten Project in Yogyakarta. There are those who “do,” such as tireless humanitarian for children Alison Chester, who founded the project with school teacher Amber Breen, and there are those who “do-nate,” such as the 120 guests who braved the heat of the steamy evening to frock up, don a hat and dig deep into their pockets.  Starting with cocktails at the bar followed by a fantastic three-course spread generously donated by Said and Doudou of Kafe Warisan, the evening saw a number of highlights that is rumored to have raised some US$30,000. Auctioneer Richard Flax turned up the heat as a bidding frenzy broke out over 19 paintings by 4- to 6-year-old artists from Bantul Regency, especially a series of five pictures by 6-year-old child prodigy Putri, which fetched some serious dollars from a major fashion personality. Dayu Sri and Sophie “The Yak” Digby had everyone digging for more as they passed a hat around to receive some Rp11 million from the crowd, who were tippled on generous amounts of wine donated by local suppliers. The evening was a shining example of our generous community and their ability to see beyond Bali’s shores. The feel-good event was attended by Melissa Lynton, Krisana and Sarjan Santos, Harry Apostolidis, Saxton Looker, Luli and Charles Orchard, Monica Guha, Magg Barry, Michelle Lamb, Paul Ropp, Arki Kotzamichalis, Angie Vesti, Fifi Kerr, Gustav, Natalia Wirantha, Rasmini, Anita le Coco, Mary Justice, Tabitha, Stephanie Breen, Judy Flax and Kevin and Jan Lovett.


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