Triple Treat at the Canggu Club

Last week the Canggu Club hosted the ABN Amro Wine Appreciation Dinner, with distinguished guest speaker Philip Tham, head of investment consulting for the bank, and ABN Amro president Hans Peter Borgh. The informative event was a terrific success as club member’s and guests had the opportunity to hear firsthand what the market outlook for 2007 is likely to hold. Members and their guests, including Julie and Stephane Bauber, Dan and Dalia Brooks, Andrew McLatchie, Eveline Maas, Steve Kenny and Ilse Guastavino, enjoyed a brilliant three-course meal crafted by the club’s executive chef, Chris Patzold, in the stylish Pandan restaurant. Meanwhile, a large gathering of members and their guests convened in Tappers Pub for the club’s monthly social get-together to welcome new members over complimentary chilled wines and ice-cold beers. As the pub and terrace bustled with chattering crowds, the outdoor cinema screened kids’ movies, followed by one of my favorites, Chicago, which further put a number of people in the swing of things. It was a fantastic social evening of friends, food and overall fun, with the club looking very well-established and rather the place to be. Seen cooling off with cocktails on the club’s terraces and grounds were Andrea and Dierk Harte, Anika Schwenker, Jenny Creighon, Phillipa Guironnet, Bridget and Glenn Parker, Phillipa and Marco de Leonardis, Jackie and Nigel Ames, Louise Henry, Claire and Robin Quinn, Jenny and Eric, Steve Conway and Miriam Becker.

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