Vox – Language student, Ririn Arianti

Ririn Arianti

Name              : Ririn Arianti

Age               : 24

Occupation        : Language student

From              : Jakarta

Marital Status    : Single


What progress has the country made since it became democratic eight years ago?

We’ve made advances with the currency – the rupiah is much stronger now – and we’ve paid back some of our debts.


Has democracy generally been a positive force for Indonesia?

Yes, it has. People, especially the civil servants, are free to vote for whichever party they want – not like before, when you could be fired for not toeing the line. 


So how’s the country doing right now?

Not too bad, but there’s a lot more still to do, like developing the political system so that it’s more ordered. And we also need to be prepared to face more natural disasters like tsunamis and earthquakes.


Is Indonesia a confident member of the international community?

I think it is, yes – for instance, when an Indonesian reporter was kidnapped in Iraq, the hostage-takers freed him because they respected us. You know what happens to other foreign journalists there.


Should the country be taking a more proactive stance regionally?

We should, no matter what other countries think about us, as long as it’s for the good of our people – just like North Korea’s leader (Kim Jong-Il): other countries may hate him but his people like and support him.


Name three things that if done would change the country overnight into a more attractive place.

Bring an end to conflicts in various parts of the country, execute terrorists like Amrozi and stop people drifting from one province to another in search of work.


What’s the biggest global threat now?

North Korea and its nuclear program. (BT)

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