Who’s who in Bali Real Estate


Cameron Parker

New to the Bali investment circles but by no means new in the international real estate market, Canadian entrepreneur Cameron P. Parker was an early investor and believer in Bali after its most devastating terrorist bombing in 2002. Starting early in his career in Bali as a sales manager for C151, Cameron cut his teeth in the luxury villa industry.

His experience setting up the first office and dealing with the myriad of aspects needed to begin a project as large as C151 has been invaluable in the forming of his own company, Lifestyle Properties. This group, in conjunction with C151, is targeting the mid-level entry demographic entering the luxury villa market.

The properties — though often smaller — will lack none of the luxury aspects and will be available at significantly cheaper prices. Given the runaway success of C151, it seems that Lifestyle Properties is set to usher in a new era of affordable high-end living. With plans for developments of similar styles in Belize, Costa Rica, West coast Canada, and mega resorts in the already privately owned Bintan Islands, Cameron Parker, in conjunction with Lifestyle Properties and C151, is an emerging force in the international real estate trade.

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