A New Year and a World of Possibilities

KUTA, Bali ~ My client Lisa, a tourist, is 24, with a pretty, moon-shaped face and a body slim from cycling. She has a soft Irish brogue and gentle blue eyes. I ask her how her day was in Bali yesterday. Her brow furrows. “Sure, well, I saw all the things I wanted to, but I didn’t like the coach, and your man, the tour guide, was no good, no story to tell!”

“Why did you stay on the bus, then?” I ask.

She hesitates. “Well, it was easy…”

She had planned her day carefully, and was perplexed as to why it was so unfulfilling.

We ponder outcomes, and how to create satisfying ones.

“I did everything I wanted, on paper, but still it didn’t feel good,” said Lisa.

“Bit like when I got a new job, a pay rise and got engaged all in the same week; but instead of feeling elated, I just felt … busy and agitated.”

We discuss the importance of feeling, and it transpires that Lisa believes “no physical outcome = no value.” So to her, experiences of pure feeling will have no value unless they also include a physical outcome. This was why she proudly showed off her bruises from mountain biking (which she had not enjoyed) – the bruises were “a physical outcome” that in her eyes gave the event value. The reason she didn’t leave the bus tour was that she had valued the physical outcome of inexpensive, easy arrangements, above the feeling outcome of an enjoyable time.

Feelings are crucial – they are our guide, our measure of meaning and satisfaction. Physical outcomes are important as they give us what we need in our lives and support us so we can feel even more feelings.

Pythonesque Logic

Lisa’s feminine, feeling identity believed no physical outcome = no value. Thus, the whole feminine identity is negated and worthless on its own. Also, because in subconscious-mind terms a physical outcome could be described as a man, Lisa subconsciously believed that without a man, she must have no value. That’s why she depended on her boyfriend so much – she needed him to justify her existence, in effect. I guided Lisa to embrace and acknowledge these beliefs, leaving her feeling relieved and more independent.

Meditation – What The New Year Holds For You

Relax, breathe, and find yourself sitting on a throne in a fluffy cloud, on top of the world. A heavy gold crown is on your head and you are holding a sceptre, and wearing winged golden sandals. You have soft curly grey hair and a beard. You look around confused. There must be some mistake … but a servant comes to you, shushes you with a finger to their lips and brings you a small scroll on a golden tray.

You open the scroll and see it is a list of possibilities for a small person far away down on the earth, that you love very much and know very well (little you). Using the great wisdom from this exalted position, and with guides to assist, review and update the list with everything needed. Include the feelings that you now see this person needs (comfort, security, love, etc.) Perfect the list with a golden angel who comes to guide you. When complete and ready, gently return to the room, bringing the scroll.

Now sit and write down your list of everything you would love to have, do, play, achieve, enjoy in the New Year – no holds barred. Forget about what is possible, and write what you dream of, in the form “In 2007, I love to…” Continue until complete.

Next, add any feelings that you want to experience, that you lack. For example, if you have put “new home” as a goal, write next to it the feeling you would get from that, for example “comfort,” or “prestige.” Underline the feelings you want, act as if you have those feelings already and put your list somewhere where you can see it.

Get Ready

Prepare for the New Year – clear our cupboards, make space, clean your car, get a new diary, put your papers in order. The vacuum created by clearing pulls new things into your life. Spring-clean your clothes and give yourself a new look. Treat yourself to any organizers, holders, bags, etc. you need so that everything is tidy and ready to go. Next?

Meditation – Color My Life

Relax, breathe and find yourself sitting on a deserted beach, looking at an outline projection of yourself onto the dark sky, in light. Sense and feel the image. Look at your heart and notice the color or colors there. Allow it to be as it is. Continue sensing or knowing the colors.

Now allow one or two colors to come to the fore. Allow a feeling to come to you, associated with that colour and notice what it is.

Allow yourself to be drawn to another area and notice the colour there. Notice a feeling associated with it. Ask this place what colour or colour it needs, and why, and visualize the colors appearing.  Notice the effects. Make a connection with other parts of you that have that colour.

Some Colour Meanings:

Chocolate – Cash, enjoyment

Yellow – Clarity

Brown – Grounding

Gold – God

White – Divinity

Black – Psychic

Blue – Communication

Turquoise – Purity, Cleansing

Pink – Niceness. Love

Pearlescent – All That Is, Oneness

Orange – Flow

Green – Healing, Love

Purple – Intuition

Lavender – The essence of you

Meditation – Go For Gold

Relax, breathe and find yourself standing on the brow of a high curved hill, on a sunny, breezy day. A light aircraft flies noisily overhead, the pilot trying to make something understood over the sound of the engine.

“I can’t hear you!” you yell. He scribbles something on a piece of paper and drops it. You pick it up and find that it is very long.  You’re looking at it, reading the list and rolling it into your pocket as you follow it along. Feel yourself gathering all the things on the list about you, into your aura. When you get to the end, turn and see the list flowing out behind you, and feel the feeling of having everything you wanted. One or two items on the list are colored gold.  Float towards them and allow yourself to experience what they are. As you feel it, powerfully affirm “I AM this!” When ready, gently return to the room.

Postscript: I suggested to Lisa that it would be more satisfying if she designed intentions with a feeling outcome and a physical outcome.

“Ah yes!” she exclaimed, looking inspired. “Today I’m going to the spa for a massage and a swim.”

“And you are going to feel…?”

“Relaxed, happy and peaceful,” she said, smiling and looking pleased, and went off to enjoy her day, clear about what she intended to do – and feel.

Remember that everything that happens to you next year is up to you. You can create everything you want by feeling the feeling and knowing you have it already, with conviction.

(Names and details mentioned have been changed to protect identities.)

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