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The invitation arrived with a fabulous Paul Ropp designer wrap enticing guests to dot up, strip down or scarf around for Hugh Hefner-esque “Daddy of the Deli” Alex Potkonjak’s wonderful 50th Birthday bash. The Bali Deli owner entertained guests on a lavish scale in his newly completed three-storey Seminyak villa, appropriately named Villa Deli, which was showcased for the first time. Walking through a life-sized cutout of angel-winged Alex all buffed up and wearing a loincloth, guests were faced with a film crew to record a message for the birthday boy. A posse of young “tender-loined” girlies crammed the ultra-contemporary digs, which features a roof-top terrace complete with jacuzzi, with most of Bali and Jakarta’s social set reveling to the smooth and sexy sounds of jazz vocalist Marilyn and her big band Tropical Transit. The rain ended the rooftop revelry, which continued on downstairs at the second-level bar and lower lounge with lashings of champagne, martinis, cocktails and sumptuous canapés to the funky beats of DJ Emon. An exotic bellydance show, cigar girls, fireworks and a very saucy “buck-naked & booby” birthday cake proclaiming “Alex Was Here!” were relished by the fuelled-up crowd, who partied well into the early hours of the morning. Helping the host celebrate his fabulosity and flair were designer Paul Ropp, sculptor Filippos and wife Susanna, DJ couple Cozi and Gus, photographer and stylist team Nicola Kostic and Ines Hornlein, Kafe Warisan’s Said Alem, Czech Consul and King of the Garden Parties Graham James and wife Mala, Indo-winer Herman von Bernhardi, The Beat Boy and his fine filly Stuart Wilford and Agatha Salmun, BaliStarz’ Michaela McDonnell and Jim Lazarides, The Yak-ker girls Sophie Digby and Michelle Lamb, Ku De Ta “Big Boy” Arkie Kotzamichalis, Bali Deli Boyz Mischa and Marc Francois, Dr. Ian “the ARCangel” Gregory and Annie, Crowing Croat consular official Miro Dijakovic, Trade Consultant Dejan Petrovic, UNDP’s Neno Bago, artist Aleksandra Denic and partner Berry Loncarevic, and Samaya Bali shakers Torsten Schubert and Ray Clark.

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