Lawmaker Resigns over Sex Video

JAKARTA ~ A lawmaker has resigned from his party over a sex video showing him cavorting with a singer and now faces a criminal investigation over allegations he forced her to have an abortion, officials said.

Yahya Zaini was head of Golkar’s spiritual affairs committee before the scandal forced him to resign his post in Indonesia’s largest political party.

He now also faces expulsion from parliament over the sex scandal, which has gripped the country.

“He has resigned yesterday (Monday) and the parliament is now processing his position in the house,” Andi Mattalatta, head of the Golkar faction in parliament, said.

In his resignation letter, Zaini “apologized and was sorry for what happened,” Golkar deputy chairman Agung Laksono said.

Laksono, who is also speaker of the House of Representatives, said the scandal had hurt the image of the party, which was the political vehicle of former president Suharto.

The widely circulated video was apparently shot with a mobile phone in an upmarket hotel.

Singer Maria Eva, the woman Zaini was caught on the video with, told reporters the footage was shot two years ago.

She said became pregnant as a result of the affair and was forced to have an abortion.

Police Commissioner Yoga Ana said they would “investigate where, when and who helped with the (abortion).”

“(Her) statement to the media is not enough for an investigation … we will automatically investigate this case further; we don’t need to wait for a complaint to be filed,” he said.

Abortion is illegal in Indonesia unless the pregnancy endangers the mother’s life or the baby could be born with a serious handicap.

Zaini could not be contacted, and his mobile phone was disconnected.

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