Legendary Blair’s Filmatic Flair



A full moon cast a brilliant light over filmmaking luminary and anthropologist Dr. Lawrence Blair for the launch of his Myths, Magic & Monsters series held at the spectacular Four Seasons Jimbaran over two evenings. The sand-floored outdoor cinema amphitheatre was decked out with Thai floor cushions on mats and was ringed by the fire of thousands of glowing candles. The marvelous Four Seasons team served popcorn, sparkling wines and delicious canapés before screening the four-part SKY TV UK documentary series. The four Myths, Magic & Monsters series, entitled: Seas, Snakes, Beasts and Superhuman, are a journey both into the extremes of the natural world and of the human mind.  Throughout the Seas film we adventured above and beneath the little-explored seas ranging between Borneo and New Guinea, and in Snakes traced the ancient Naga Cults, which precede even the influence of Hinduism, and a look for some of the more interesting species of actual and symbolic snakes unique to the nation, and the islanders’ special relationship with them. The Beasts series looked at man’s relationship with animals, in a land where the cow, dog, pig and cat are not at all what we expect. Lawrence revealed not only unlikely animals but also even odder human relationships with them. The Superhuman series was the most captivating of all as the daring filmmaker took us on a quest of our own species, for what humans might be, and culminated with startling visions of shamans, magicians and trance healers with seemingly supernatural powers. This film is a journey into the extremes of both nature and the human mind, and suggests the range of our potential may be greater than we can yet imagine. A captivating, enthralling and totally entertaining evening that ended in rapturous applause for the gifted documentarian and raconteur. Equally entertaining wer the cinemagoers who attended the quadruple event, including Titiek Suharto, Four Seasons GM John O’Sullivan and wife Tish, Jane Walters and Eddie Saleh, Luli Orchard, Bali Discovery’s Jack Daniels, Richard and Judy Flax, antiquities dealer Jajaira and architect husband Martin Smythe, Four Seasons new executive assistant manager (formerly The Conrad) Vincent Guironnet and wife Philippa, Los Angeles artist JoL, John and Cynthia Hardy, wild-child jeweler Shunyata, Alison Blair and Hetta and Lucien Thynne


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