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Sajan Santos
Brazilian Sajan Santos practices craniosacral therapy in Bali, a form of healing that focuses on boosting the immune system and dealing with debilitating conditions ranging from autism to chronic fatigue and migraines. The 41-year-old father of two – son Zoe, 14, and daughter Kiara, 12 – with his wife Krisana shared his day with The Bali Times

We all get up around 6am and Zoe and Kiara start getting ready for school. These days I can see how fast they’re growing up. We have fruit for breakfast, and afterwards our driver takes them to school, in Sanur.

      I shower and pray in front of my temple. Afterwards I have a profound sense of peace. I’ll also do some meditation and yoga – and if I have the time, maybe some surfing.

      I was born in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, 41 years ago, the first generation to be born there, as the city is only 47 years old. My grandfather and father were involved in building the city. My parents were religious, and went to church, taking me along. When I finished university, I felt I needed to go outside my country, and I went to Australia. There I read a book about India, and began to get interested in its culture and religion. In 1990 I moved to Poona in India to study more – and gradually, through the religion, I learned about life and what it means. More clarity was given to me of how mind, spirit and body have their ways of work and they are not separate – in that way the meaning of life is also included. Not as a static concept; otherwise it would not be life – so life is an ever-changing process.

      While I was in India, I met a very attractive woman who would become my wife. Krisana got pregnant in India and we went to the United States and Brazil to see our parents, and planned that Zoe would be born in Bali. But that never happened, because I couldn’t get a visa to the US. So he was born in Brazil, and later I got the papers to get into the US, and we went there and got married.

      With our son, we came to Bali in 1993, thinking we’d start a business here and settle down – and that’s exactly what we did, manufacturing children’s clothing. Two years after Zoe arrived, Krisana got pregnant again, and we went back to my country for the birth. Afterwards we flew right back here. 

       It was in India in 1991 that I learned about craniosacral therapy, which has been used for generations but is not that familiar to the public. In fact, many in the medical community don’t know about it. Craniosacral therapy was introduced, in a detailed, scientific way, about 50 years ago by John E. Upledger of The Upledger Institute in Florida, and helps to cure or alleviate migraine, neck and back pain, chronic fatigue, eye problems, autism, motor-coordination difficulties, depression and many other conditions. It also improves the central nervous system, eliminates stress and strengthens resistance to disease. In short, it gives your health a boost. My involvement in this therapy took a backseat during the years, as I was busy with other work, but four months ago I decided to focus on it once again, and that’s what I’m doing now: providing therapy for those who need it. 

I break for lunch around 1pm and have it at home with Krisana. We don’t eat that much meat and prefer to have seafood and sometimes maybe chicken. There isn’t a religious reason behind it – it comes from our heart.

      Three times a week in the afternoon, I go to yoga class in Seminyak – it’s good for me, and I also get to meet people.

      Our day winds down around 7pm, when we all have dinner together and talk about what’s going on. I love to hear about Zoe’s band, 55 Frets. It’s a group of kids from an old school of his here, and they’re great and play all over the place.

      I’m also involved in Deeksha with two other expats – it’s from ancient Indian culture and transfers divine energy to bring about a state of oneness and a flowering of the heart. We do it at my house once a week and anyone who wants can join in.

      My day ends around 11pm, when it’s off to bed in readiness for another day.


For more on craniosacral therapy, consult Contact Sajan at 0812 3893700 or

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