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Jaco Vandenberg
Swimwear designer Jaco Vandenberg is one of the founders of the Reyberg lifestyle clothing company, now in its 10th year, that manufactures in Bali and has been featured in such publications as Cosmopolitan and Elle. Vandenberg, 34 and single, spends part of the year in his native Holland, the rest in Bali. He shared his day with Bali Times contributor Bagus Ferriyanto

My alarm goes off at seven every morning; usually I’m tired when I get up because I’ve been to bed too late the night before. Right now I’m living in a villa in Seminyak. I rented it for Rp90 million (US$9,810) for three years. I’ll have breakfast of yoghurt, kiwi fruit and coffee first thing and then go for a swim.
I go to the factory around 9:30, on my motorbike; it’s 15 minutes away. We have hundreds of employees at the factory, and I go there three times a week. On other days I go shopping or organize the collections. I don’t only design the collection, but also check the quality of production, choose fabrics and arrange the sizes. That keeps me going until three of four in the afternoon.
The name Reyberg is a combination of my last name and the first name of my business partner and good friend, Reynier. We started the business in 1996, selling sarongs. Reynier concentrates more on the financial aspect of the company while I’m on the design side. Every year we have two collections – beachwear and homewear – and we only sell twice a year, at the Body Fashion Center in Amersfoort (Holland), from July to September and November to January. It’s an exhibition center where manufacturers meet buyers. During the other months, we’re manufacturing in Bali. I fly here twice a year.
Currently we’re manufacturing the 2007 collection and I’m designing the 2008 collection. It’s a good business, and what we earn depends on the orders and production costs, which grow every year. Our biggest shipment to date was two (shipping) containers full of bikinis.
You can find our products in Holland, Belgium, Aruba and Germany. Our sales prices for bikinis start at 60 euros (US$79.38) and go up to 90 euros. We sell sandals for between 30 to 60 euros.
I’m planning to expand the business throughout Europe, to countries like France and Italy, and have been using some models to raise our profile, mainly Dutch ones. I don’t use Indonesian models, not because they’re not good enough or not beautiful, but because the body size is different – the European size is larger.
In the evenings, I like to spend some time at Blue Ocean Beach (in Seminyak) or Ku De Ta (a restaurant). I enjoy sunsets and like to talk about my day with God. I get inspiration for my collections by shopping, magazines and people-watching on the beach.
Later I go home and shower and go out somewhere for dinner. At the weekend I hang out and party along Jl. Dhyana Pura in Seminyak.
When I was younger I wanted to be a photographer, and I think what I’m doing now is not too different. Some day I’d like to expand into furniture and interior design, and maybe even open my own boutique in Bali.
I’m in bed by midnight, hoping for balance in my life and business before setting the alarm for the morning.

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