The DiSh is back

Well, you are a bunch of social voyeurs, aren’t you? I know I love a good event with a bit of gossip and sauce – well ok, ok, a lot of gossip and sauce – but I was seriously taken by how many readers actually wanted to get the dish and dirt on Bali. Frankly I was surprised that anyone even read this column enough to notice I had gone on a writing respite (some people actually thought I had gone into rehab – point taken) but it seems from all the curious emails asking when I would be back on the society track, (did I ever derail?) that I was somewhat missed. Awww… So here I sit, trawling through piles of gorgeous hand-delivered invitations, e-vites from the uninspiring to the uninhibited and sorting through Bribe the Scribe gifts of persuasion, especially those of the bubbly kind, with great pleasure. And for the record, bribery WILL get you absolutely everywhere! This year seems to be fizzing by faster than one can pop the cork of a bottle of Bolly and say “bottoms up,” and with it, I’ve decided, will come a few more frank opinions to the column. For those of you who are doing it well, you will be fairly lauded, and for those of you, who aren’t, take heed … after all, it is the Year of the Pig – snort snort!

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