Beauty Winners Anticipate India Trip

DENPASAR ~ The teenage winners of the first Miss and Mr Bali-India contest are itching to visit India and meet their favorite Bollywood stars besides taking a dip in the Ganges and see the Taj Mahal.

University student Ayu Sri Widanti Yuliandari, 19, was crowned Miss Bali-India while the Mr Bali-India title went to I Putu Surya Sujana, 18, this month following a contest involving 65 young men and women from Bali.

Yuliandari, a student of law at Udayana University, says she is looking forward to meeting “my favorite Bollywood star, Aishwarya Rai” while Sujana wants to shake hands with fellow stars Preity Zinta, Shahrukh Khan and Lara Dutta.

Yuliandari, who aims to become “a great lawyer,” says she is also dreaming of visiting major Indian cities like Bangalore, Mumbai or New Delhi.

Sujana, who is in the same university but studying medicine to become a specialist, wants to bathe in the Ganges and see the Himalayas and the Taj Mahal, the monument to love built by Mughal emperor Shahjahan.

According to the Bali-India Foundation, which organized the beauty contest, the pair will fly to India in April with Dewa Made Beratha, wife of the Bali governor.

According to foundation head Somvir, an Indian academic who lives and works in Bali, the visit will seek to promote “better cultural understanding, tourism and people-to-people contact between Bali and India.”

Yuliandari and Sujana said they were proud to be Hindus.

“Thee Hindu religion is a unique religion and very flexible because it has very traditional ceremonies,” said Sujana.

“It’s a very universal religion. I’m so proud to be a Hindu,” he said.

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