Editorial – Way off Course

If the United States and its dwindling coalition partners ever do succeed in Iraq and withdraw, it will surely go down as one of the greatest Pyrrhic victories of all time.

That’s not likely to happen any year soon, however.

Despite the trillions of dollars poured into post-invasion Iraq and the tens of thousands of lives lost, the country remains on the precipice of total collapse, and it is difficult to see how the current security crackdown will go any way towards bringing it back from the brink.

“All we see is more roadblocks and more delays,” one Iraqi told the BBC as American troops pored into key cities last week in an attempt to dampen the raging bloodshed that has been raging out of control since the war started almost four years ago.

As many commentators have pointed out, peace in Iraq is not on the horizon so long as thousands of American and other foreign troops remain in the country, attracting crazed anti-Western militants from right around the region like bees to a honey pot.

The surge of over 20,000 more American soldiers into Iraq will not, as we have said before, bring about calm and an end to the mayhem.

If the current American president is attempting to stave off total collapse in Iraq until his term ends two years from now, and thereby pass the buck to his successor, that will go down in the annals of history as one of the all-time washing of bloody hands by an invader bored with the game and keen to cast it off on someone else.

Nobody wanted this war, and no one, it seems, wants to take charge of it and give all concerned a final way out.

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