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Surabaya-born Linda Salim recently gave up her day job and branched out on her own with Sunflower Media, dealing with property firms and other sectors of industry. The Sanur-based 30-year-old shared her day with The Bali Times’ Bagus Ferriyanto.

I’m not a morning person, though I do get up around 6am – usually because my dog, Snork, is at the door, demanding to be let in.
I like to spend time having breakfast – some toast and coffee – while watching Oprah. I look up to her; she inspires me. She’s a genius when it comes to the media – not only does she know how to get attention but she also knows how to keep it. She doesn’t capitalize on her friends and most of the people she works with are women.
Since I started Sunflower Media, I’ve been using my home as an office – representing my office in Jakarta – and when I’m on the go I rely on my BlackBerry to communicate with clients and the media. Most days I’m fairly busy, although sometimes I like to just take the day off and chill out.
I live by myself, with just Snork for company, and that’s the way I like it. I couldn’t dream of having another person sharing my house – at least not until I get married. I like my privacy and don’t like others to see my stuff. My house is my sanctuary. My boyfriend is Singaporean and works in Jakarta. Twice a month he comes down here to see me.
I can work and work until I’m worn out and need a break. I don’t keep office hours. Lunch is usually a non-event for me. I used to cook a lot when I lived in Jakarta but not so much here, mainly because my kitchen is too small. I do like to cook Italian food, and even my Chinese cooking tastes Italian – that’s what my boyfriend says.
I earned a bachelors degree in marketing in the United States and worked for a few years in the retail sector in Denver. These days I’m looking after the media needs of my clients, including writing press releases and other public relations materials. Generally my job is about giving advice and consulting with clients regarding the media.
Business is business – that is, making profits. So I have to work out the right way for clients to get exposure and make money. Some don’t need that much media exposure because they have comprehensive databases that they use to sell their products, to friends or acquaintances. Others need to get their name out there and have to advertise.
Honesty is key with clients, and sometimes if during preliminary negotiations I feel I’m not able to offer what the client wants, I’ll pass the account on to someone else.
I come from a hardworking family, but we also find work fun, too. Bali is nice. My only complaint is the heat. From Bali I’ve learned patience, but having said that, people here should also appreciate what it means to keep time, especially with meetings.
I’m usually back home around 5pm and take Snork for a walk. I might cook some pasta if I feel like it. After that it’s back to my laptop. I feel more productive at night, and can work away right up to 2am, when I fall into bed. But not before I read some verses from the bible – it’s kind of like daily bread for me.
Life is about enjoying yourself, no matter what you do, and going with the flow. Life is also about change; we can’t control it.

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