Beat Me to It

Okay, okay so I was a wee bit late to attend the hippest happening of the night or indeed the week, but I did eventually make it to the 4th Annual Beat Magazine Awards at Hu’u Bar – so spank me! What a night it was. Thumping, pumping and totally humping with what seemed like thousands of Bali’s glamouratti (although I was seeing double if not triple at that point) packing out the entire joint. The vibe was electric and fast-paced following a fabulously fierce fashion show by Body & Soul, succeeding the awards presentation unceremoniously missed by yours truly, to honor the best of Bali’s entertainment business for their contributions in 2006. Some 50+ nominations, including the likes of Paul Ropp, Ku De Ta, Superman in Dead, Saharadja, F-Lounge and several individuals were chosen by the magazine and a select group of notable people (are there any on this island?) as to who should win across the 15 categories. (Editor’s note: Our very own diarist Diana was voted best publicist on the island – congrats to her!) Champagne did flow, winners were grinners and losers continued to be schmoozers. Congrats to gorgeous Beat Boy Stuart Wilford and Agatha Salmun for putting on a superstar, Oscar-worthy, red-carpet event. Not listing the masses who were there – it’s’ easier to list who was NOT there, but I wouldn’t want to embarrass you now, would I?


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