Ladies who La La Lunch

Not like we need an excuse to get a bunch of boisterous women together to eat drink and avoid the office on a balmy afternoon, do we? (What office? I hear most of you say). But on the premise of International Women’s Day – yep, there actually is such a thing – some 65 women gathered to hear author, restaurateur and Ubud Writers & Readers Festival director and Bali resident Janet De Neefe speak about her life, times, adversities and achievements at the Canggu Club’s Pandan Bistro. All was just starting to get interesting as the power cut out and we could hear no more – but thankfully not before the gals got to feast on a buffet of fantastic food, lots of crisp, chilled wines and a ton of gossip. Although the power fizzled, the girl power didn’t and event organizers Friends of the Canggu Community School aka FOCCS (yep, you heard it right) forged on happily, doling out prizes and raffles from some very generous donors. Thanks to Louise Henry and Philippa de Leonardis, who organized the event to importantly raise money for orphan charities and the school’s community and to Ku De Ta, The Elysian, Body & Soul, Jamu Spa, Honeychild Salon, Bali Balance, Bali Catering Company, Bali Adventure Tours, the Canggu Club and Chill Reflexology for the fantabulous prizes. Some of the day’s lunching ladies included Nadja Nurfen, Sally Richardson-Clarke, Maeke Boestami, Claire Quinn, Trisha Naga, Barbara Tollit, Georgia Edwards, Marilyn Forse, Jeane Nico, Jackie Ames, Monica Guha and Isma Wootten.

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