Police Issue Warning to Illegal Workers

DENPASAR ~ Foreigners working in Bali without proper immigration documentation will be arrested and deported under an ongoing crackdown, the police said.

“Indonesia is a lawful country and therefore we can’t have foreigners coming in here and working while holding tourist visas,” Bali Police spokesman Antonious Reniban told The Bali Times.

Last week a Canadian man working in the luxury villa sector was deported back to his homeland and barred from entering Indonesia again for at least six months, for failing to have the necessary work permit.

“The police are not interfering in political affairs, but it is our duty to uphold the law,” said Reniban.

“Anyone coming into Bali must be able to produce a legal passport and visa,” he said.

Asylum-seekers must have proper documentation and original letters from the United Nations, he said, citing a recent case of an ethnic Chinese man arrested by police here.

“A simple, photocopied letter stating that he is seeking political asylum is just not acceptable, even if it’s claimed to have been issued by UNHCR,” he said, referring to the UN’s refugee agency.

Upholding the law in all areas was vital to restoring investor confidence in Indonesia, said Reniban, and the country must be shown to be clamping down on violators.

“How can we attract more investors if our country lets anybody in?” he said.

Under Indonesia’s Immigration Law, offenders face either or a combination of deportation, jail time and fines.

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