Five Common Email Mistakes That Make You Look Bad

Tech Tips

With Joshua Bressor
The Bali Times

SEMINYAK ~ Most everybody uses email, much like most people use a phone, to communicate to friends, family and for business. Email is similar to talking in that we use it almost without thinking. However, as with using a telephone, there are certain courtesies and unwritten rules that most people (should) abide by. When sending email, there is no standard etiquette, but there are common mistakes people make that can make them look bad.

1) If you’re sending a group email or a newsletter, use BCC. Over the years, I’ve probably acquired one of the largest mail lists on the island from all of the PR people (who obviously don’t read my column) sending emails to their mail lists using the TO field, instead of BCC. Thanks.

2) Don’t forward chain letters. No one likes them. Seriously.

3) Pay attention to grammar, especially in business correspondence. Re-read your emails for clarity, missing words and spelling.

4) Don’t send email when you’re angry. Write them if you want, but file them into the Drafts folder, and come back to them later when you have a clearer head.

5) Don’t forget attachments. A common mistake that makes you look the fool.

Follow these guidelines and you’ll be more professional, courteous and garner the respect of your friends, family, and business associates.

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