Getting A Great Deal from Life

By Jelila

The Bali Times

SEMINYAK ~ If you find that you can create some but not all of what you want, and lack the ability to achieve your substantial goals, read on – some powerful secrets of winning at manifesting your desires, are here.

Case Study – Manifestation

James came to me feeling frustrated and dissatisfied about relationships. “I haven’t had one for three years,” he said. “I can’t get what I want – I have either a physical relationship, or love, yet not together.”

In a transformational healing session, I explored James’ beliefs, until he spontaneously commented: “I’m neither one thing or another.” This belief, which translates as “I am not this and I am not that either,” sentenced him to never be able to have the inclusive love and sex relationship that he desired (and, in fact, congruent with that statement, he actually had neither of those things presently).

I guided James to change the belief using the process below – you can do it, too – and the resulting new belief (which I hear intuitively) was “I am everything.” How wonderful. Now that James believes that he is everything, his life will reflect that, allowing him to create multiples of all the things that he wants, inclusively.

The belief I highlighted last week – that of believing one has to “fight to the death to survive,” is very important, as it relates to the polarity of intensity – with literally giving one’s all at one end of the spectrum versus giving nothing at all at the other. This scale of intensity greatly affects how you respond in many other areas of life – other polarities.

Because James believed subconsciously that he had to fight to the death to survive, he was flip-flopping in intensity from giving his all to giving nothing. This was messing up his relationships, and creating a lot of drama. We released the fighting belief to relieve the tendency to be a drama queen and he was excited to consider more shades of possibility.

I mention this in an article about manifestation, because the all or nothing feeling behind this belief has a bearing on manifestation. If you believe it’s all or nothing with me, then that is what you create – all or nothing, with no shades in between. A very chaotic up-and-down existence. And as a friend of mine who is a master negotiator says, “If you can’t get lunch, get a sandwich!” Meaning, isn’t it better to get some of what you want rather than nothing at all?

Shades of Manifestation Meditation

Simply relax and imagine yourself in this story, to benefit from this easy meditation which guides your subconscious mind to appreciate shades of choice through allegory. Simply visualize, or feel the feeling, or hear the sounds. You can do it right now, as you read; you don’t need to be in a special place.

Relax, breathe deeply and find yourself sitting at a counter, wearing satiny clothes, wielding a large black and gold pair of scissors. Wearing white cotton gloves, you are cutting out people chains from multicolored satiny cloth – gold, emerald, teal blue, pink. Concentrating, a cigarette hangs from one corner of your mouth. A clown is helping and a child looks up and smiles. You see the white-and-red makeup of the clown’s curved eyebrows and smile, close-up, and look down and see his funny red, bulbous shoes. You catch his eye, and he blows his nose theatrically, puts his scissors down, flexes his braces and walks off into the large dark room. The child puts some decorative buttons like sweeties on the colored people you have cut out and you play at arranging them in order of color and light. When ready, breathe deeply and gently come back to the room.

Belief Change

Use this process to free yourself from limiting subconscious beliefs. Simply say it aloud (the belief is in italics). Repeat the process on the other beliefs listed below. (Embracing the negative of a belief transmutes it into its opposite.)

I choose to believe I am not a great deal

I love myself when I believe I am not a great deal

And I embrace it, and I surrender.

Rest afterwards, drink water.

Manifestation Beliefs

I am cut off; I want to cut myself off; I’m cutting

I am all or nothing, not all AND nothing

It’s all or nothing with me

I must have to fight to survive

I cut myself off from my own good

I am afraid of being cut off

I must/may have to pay for my work

Important postscript: The idea of needing to pay for his relationships also came up in James’ session: He had certainly paid dearly – emotionally, financially and in energy – for his earlier divorce. In a sense, we are negotiating with the Universe in everything that we do – we are spirit into matter, as is everything we create. James felt he didn’t get a good deal from his divorce, or indeed from many of his creations, which he was having to “pay for” in some way. It transpired that James felt, on a deep level that HE was not a great deal.

This is a crucial belief in manifestation, for several reasons. Firstly, in life, you must believe you are a great deal to be able to attract great deals in life. Secondly, being a great deal denotes having substance and means you have faith in yourself.

A beam spread across James’ face as we changed the great deal belief and he felt more substantial and confident. He suddenly remembered a time when he should have stood up for his rights – and hadn’t. “I’ll know next time,” he smiled.

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Jelila is magical healing singer and intuitive guide, practicing in Asia and Australia. Now offering individual transformation sessions in Seminyak, Bali, at Health & Beauty Spa, Jl. Dyana Pura 6B (near Zula).   Tel: +62 (0) 81 239 43354.

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