Romancing the Wizard Within

By Jelila

The Bali Times

SEMINYAK ~ Deep within you is a magical person at least as powerful as Merlin, Thoth or any number of other magicians and ascended masters. Discover how to access your inner Wizard so you may work wonders for yourself, here.

Case Study – Throwing Out the Rocks

Shelley came to me wanting help with various situations in her life.

“Good things come but I seem to throw rocks in my own path,” she said mournfully.

“I destroy my opportunities; I have so many discordant relationships. Everyone hates me and is against me. I can’t get what I want with my children, my ex or my income. I feel so stupid and worthless for creating that.”

In a transformational healing session, it transpired that Shelley believed subconsciously that she had to hurt herself terribly in order to make a point (or indeed to have any point). This arose from some experiences as a child, when she learned that she got more attention if she injured herself. This set up a pattern where she believed she had to hurt herself to be noticed, or make her point. A kind of cut-off-nose-to-spite-face feeling. She was unwittingly choosing suffering for herself to teach others a lesson or make her point, where actually, she would be much better off negotiating and reaching agreement to get what she really desires.

Shelley’s story is part of a much bigger pattern – the idea that we must suffer or hurt in order to express ourselves.

This pattern is one that Christ, another master, displayed when he died on the cross – “I must suffer to express myself.” Perhaps he was drawing attention to a huge pattern that the world has been experiencing for a long time, so that we might see it, and change it?  We do not need to suffer to help, or teach, others.

To help Shelley stop throwing rocks, we changed these beliefs.  You can too, using this process:

I don’t have any point, don’t seem to have any point

I must/may hurt myself terribly to make a point, to help others

I must/may suffer and hurt to express myself

I must be doing something wrong; there must be something wrong with me/him

Belief Change

To free yourself from limiting subconscious beliefs, feel your feet connected to the ground, then say the following aloud (the belief is in italics). Repeat the process on the beliefs listed. Embracing a negative belief transforms it into the positive. (Do not embrace positive beliefs – you will turn them off!)

I choose to believe “I don’t get it, he doesn’t get it”

I love myself when I believe “I don’t get it, he doesn’t get it”

And I embrace it, and I surrender

Rest afterwards, drink water.

Having put suffering behind us, it’s time to play and enjoy the fun of being a wizard, a master of manifestation.

The Magician’s Den

Tintagel is a beautiful beach in Cornwall with a ruined castle where Merlin used to reside, perched high above on the craggy cliff. Relax and imagine yourself in this story, set in Tintagel, to benefit from this easy meditation which guides your subconscious mind to access your inner power and wisdom. Simply visualize, or feel the feeling, or hear the sounds, allowing the first thing that pops into your head, however it is. You can do it now, as you read.

Meditation – Tintagel

Relax, breathe deeply and find yourself as a child, on a seashore covered with small white pebbles. Play on the beach for a while. Listen to the sound of the sea and watch the dazzling white light on the waves. You pick up a dry stick and throw it high into the brilliant light of the sun, nearly hitting a white seagull with big wings. The stick drops back down with a stone attached to it, by a rope. You look at the stone, puzzled by markings on it, and suddenly realize there is a presence behind you, a firm hand on your shoulder. You turn, and look into the face of the sage. He beckons, smiling, and you follow to a cave, where he shares some of his magical secrets. Stay there as long as you want to, and when ready, gently return to the room, bringing your discoveries with you.

What did you experience?  Take a few moments to reflect, and write down your discoveries.

Wizardry is about mastery – being able to create what you want. It is about empowerment, finesse and enjoying creation.

Merlin’s Secret

To create ease in manifestation, change these beliefs using the process above.

I don’t get it; he/she doesn’t really get it, or me.

I’m not completely happy with my physical appearance

I’m not really a master; I am not the master of my own destiny

The first one allows you to “get it” – on a mental and physical level. Both in understanding, and in physically receiving things. One client I changed this belief for immediately received six SMS confirmations for messages from guys that she had sent messages to months ago. “He got it” was confirmed as soon as she changed this belief. When you change it, you will also notice that the guys (or masculine elements) around you suddenly get it, or understand you.

The second belief creates happiness not only with your physical appearance but also happiness with the physical arrival of all you desire. Strangely, a client who had lost her right contact lens suddenly found it inexplicably staring up at her from the bathroom shelf when she changed this belief. She thus manifested happiness with the physical appearance (of her contact lens) and the ability to see (from her right or masculine eye) in one fell swoop.

The third one creates confidence that you are really a master and thus it helps you wield your power.

We are all masters; some of us have just forgotten.

Next Issue: The Power of Water

Jelila is a magical healing singer and intuitive guide, practicing in Asia and Australia. Now offering individual transformation sessions in Seminyak, Bali, at Health & Beauty Spa, Jl. Dyana Pura 6B (near Zula).  Tel:  +62 (0) 81 239 43354.

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