The Power of Water

By Jelila

The Bali Times

SEMINYAK ~ Water – powerful symbol of the subconscious mind, essence of the body, primary constituent of the planet.  Discover the healing powers of water, here.

What you are, physically, is what you believe and say you are. This is because our body is a recording of our consciousness – a reflection of the ideas and thoughts that we have previously thought. Your thoughts and beliefs reside first in your aura (the magnetic field around the body which may be sensed in a simple form by Kirlian photography) and then are expressed into the fluid – the water – in your cells. Your body, and the health of it, are thus a reflection of your consciousness – what you think and believe.

The modern desire for detox and our concerns for our planetary ecology are, on a deeper level, a reflection of our concerns that our thoughts are somehow toxic. And don’t we often experience negative mind-chatter? This is a reflection of negative thoughts and ideas that we have taken on, that we simply no longer need.

Imagine, for a moment, a lake brimming with the water from your cells. How would it look? Pristine? Stagnant? Imagine for a moment. How pure do you believe you are?

See what you discover about yourself in this easy meditation that you can try right now. Simply relax, and allow the first thing to pop into your mind as you read it. You may visualize, or simply hear the sounds or feel the feelings.

Meditation – The Purity of You

Imagine that you are following signposts towards “The Lake” along a meandering mountain road. Eventually, you find it and approach. Notice how the water looks. Dive in if you want to and explore. Notice what the weather is doing, and ask the sun to come out if you wish. Ask for help from guides if your lake needs purifying. Is the source pure?  What activities are going on, on your lake? Are they enjoyable? Do you like what you see? Ask for help to change or create new ones if you wish. Enjoy for as long as you wish, and when ready, gently return.

*     *     *     *     *

Our ideas about who we are create our expression of ourselves. Our most incorrect ideas are the ones that state that there is anything wrong with us at all. There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of us, however we are. We just … are.

When we say that something is so, it is so. That is the mythical power of the word. You may have heard of Dr. Masuru Emoto, a Japanese researcher who takes water from divine and foul sources, freezes it and then takes photographs of the molecular structure. The water from Lourdes, holy water, water that someone has prayed over, has the most lovely diamond-like structures. The polluted water, or water that someone has said “I hate you” over, has a ghastly distorted blobby appearance.

All we need to do is decide that we are perfect, pure, loved and whole, and it is so.

Case Study – Purity

Diana came to me with many problems caused by her abusive relationship with her father when she was a child, resulting in deep feelings of uncleanliness and lack of self-worth which were sullying her relationships now. She had difficulty with boundaries, of not knowing what was abusive and what was not. I listened intuitively to Diana’s experiences, and discovered that she simply believed “I am not pure.” I guided her to change this belief using the process below – you can try it too – and we also changed “I’m not sure that I am really respectful.” This helpful belief enables one to immediately know where the boundaries of abuse/non-abuse are, so we may protect and respect ourselves and also be respectful of the boundaries of others (this includes respecting our planet and not abusing it). So if you have trouble with knowing what is abusive and what is not, embrace the belief yourself, too. Diana said she felt amazing after the healing and she looked very bright.

Belief Change

Here are some very high-vibrational beliefs for you to experience.

When you embrace the first one, the positive belief: “I am all that is, all that has been and all that shall be” is programmed into your aura. Nice.

I choose to believe “I am not love; I am not all that I am; I am not”

I love myself when I believe “I am not love; I am not all that I am; I am not”

And I embrace it, and I surrender

Rest afterwards, drink water.

*     *     *     *     *

Other Beliefs

I am not pure, not really pure

I am not sure that I am really respectful

I am not all that I am

I am not really me

I am not all of me now

I am not really all of me now

I am not expressing and manifesting all of what I truly desire for myself now

Meditation – Neptune

Relax, breathe deeply and find yourself swimming deep underwater, wearing large flippers and oxygen tank. You swim into a great domed passageway that turns out to be the entrance to a vast cave. Within, you meet Neptune, white-flowing bearded God of the Sea. He is smiling, one foot resting on a golden trapdoor, which he indicates with his trident. He helps you open it, and suddenly you are sucked inside, into a golden cavern filled with light. Explore the golden space for as long as you wish, asking for help or explanation from your guides should you need it. When ready, you emerge again from the trap door, and Neptune’s dolphins and mermaids guide you gently back to the shore, where you rest, remembering all you have learned.

Five Healing Ways with Water

1.    During your bath or shower, imagine the water is made from perfectly pure healing light.  Enjoy the feeling.

2.    Difficult situation – imagine all the water in your body is giving out the solution, in light.

3.    Negativity – imagine that your cells no longer know what that means as they are completely pure.

4.    Lack – imagine the water in your cells is filled with golden abundance and is attracting similar abundance to them.

5.    Frustration – imagine the cells of your body already contain everything you could ever imagine desiring, now.

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