I Made Sutarjana is a supervisor at the Maya Ubud Resort and Spa. A father of two, the 36-year-old practices white magic and uses it, he says, to communicate with spirits. Made shared his day with The Bali Times’ Arga Sagitarini

My day starts at 6am, when we all get up and have breakfast, usually fried rice and coffee. Then I leave for work and the children go to school. I’ve been a supervisor at the Maya Ubud Resort and Spa for about five years, working from eight in the morning until 4:30pm.

When I get home from work, the first things I do are say hello to my wife and children and ask how their day was. My two children, a boy and girl, are great. I love being a father and playing with my kids.

When my son was very young, he would always be crying for no reason at all. So one day I took him to see a doctor and another kind of specialist who has a lot of experience with children, but they didn’t know what was wrong. Because I didn’t understand what was wrong with my son, I became depressed and would stay in my room praying for God to help my baby. It was very hard to see my baby so upset and not be able to anything about it.

Finally I found help, when I was praying in my room. While I was praying, a voice came to me and told me to go and pray at my family’s temple. So I went there and prayed and meditated for a long time. I asked Hyang Ibu, the Mother Goddess, to help me and my baby. All of a sudden I saw a light that came to me from above and entered into my body. When I woke up it was like coming out of a deep sleep, and people said it looked like I was in some kind of trance.

When I came out of the trance, I realized that Hyang Ibu had told me that my baby was always crying because when he was born, we buried his placenta with a bamboo knife. This isn’t something my family normally does, but we did it because it was advice that my wife had gotten from one of her friends. So we got the placenta back and buried it the proper way, and right away my baby stopped crying.

I don’t think that just anyone can have the type of spiritual experience that I did; in order to receive guidance from spirits, a person must be physically and mentally holy.

When I was a member of a white magic group called Sari Murni, I went through a ritual that transformed me into a holy man. During my time with the group, I learned to connect with God and good spirits by meditating and conducting other rituals. Since then I’ve been able to contact the spirit of my grandfather, who died when I was only three months old. I never knew my grandfather, but when I contacted his spirit, I saw him in his physical form, the way I believe he looked when he was still alive. After the experience, I went to my father and described to him how my grandfather looked in my vision. My father told me that how I described my grandfather was just how he looked when he was alive. This proves that the white magic I studied is real and strong.

By using white magic I am able to contact good spirits and ask them for guidance. Also, white magic is used for scaring away bad spirits, which is very important for my family and home. Every night I say a prayer in each room of the house to make sure there are no bad spirits. After blessing the house, my family and I sit down and say a prayer together, which blesses us and protects us during our daily activities.

In the evening, I like to spend as much time with my son as I can. I’m very thankful for the white magic and how it has helped my family.

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