Creating Personal Magnetism

By Jelila

The Bali Times

SEMINYAK ~ Find out how to pump up your personal magnetism, so that may attract more of what you desire, and feel more charismatic, here.

Sarah came to me frustrated and upset at her lack of ability to create what she wanted. “It’s not fair,” she wailed. I know all about the Law of Attraction and The Secret movie, and I put it all into practice, yet I still don’t get what I want. Whereas my friends do nothing and get what they want easily!”

I explained that if you make too much effort, you put out a vibration of “I’m trying” to the universe. The universe reflects back the experience of “trying.” And trying, of course, is not succeeding, so it’s important not to try. Sarah also believed that her efforts to create what she wanted were not working, so that in itself creates the result that they do not work. A relaxed sense of confidence is the ideal. The kind of feeling when you are standing on the beach and you absolutely know that the tide is coming in without any effort from you.

In Sarah’s transformation session, it also transpired that her real problem was that she subconsciously believed she had to suffer and pay to be here (I have covered these in previous articles in Spiritual Times online at With these deep negative beliefs, however perfect Sarah’s manifestation skills might be, she would never succeed, because she was deeply “programmed to suffer.” So we released those beliefs to free her. (You can release them too; read how online.)

Finally, Sarah had some circular arguments whirling around her mind – like when your computer hangs. Sarah (who is gay) was frustrated that the women she likes were friendly, but did not want her as a lover. It transpired that she believed “nice does not equal interesting.” The effect is that people you like (because they are nice) do not find you interesting. She further believed “nice does not equal gay” and so the women that she liked kept turning out to be straight. Finally, we changed “I’m not sure that I am really nice” to ensure that Sarah equated herself with nice so she could attract nice people.

We changed these beliefs to release Sarah from this never-ending circle so she can find someone she likes who is interested in her and is also gay.


Everything flows to us via chi or prana – the natural life-force energy that flows in our body, the vibration of which is polarized with a positive or negative charge and attracts its opposite and repels its like. We attract people that match our beliefs, because we naturally feel and are attracted to the similar vibration to our own, carried in their aura, the magnetic field around the body.

We are only able to attract things which we already have the vibration of, in our aura. It works like this:  You think “great new job!” You feel excited and inspired. Your heart chakra generates a vibration of feeling “excited and inspired” in your aura, where it remains. The universe then naturally sends you an experience that matches that vibration – i.e. a great new job. If you do not have the “excited and inspired” vibration in your aura, the universe cannot give it to you. (Nobody can – only you.) This is because the physical world is a mirror-like reflection of your consciousness. To give you another example, if you would like to attract love, that means you feel you do not have love already (otherwise, why would you be asking?). Unfortunately you then put out a vibration of “not having love” which the universe then mirrors back to you as more “not having love.” To attain anything that you desire you must first give it to yourself, in feeling. So in this example, you must first give yourself love. Love yourself. Feel that love. Then, and only then, will the universe be magnetized to send you experiences that reflect and mirror that love.

Magnetizing Your Charisma Meditation

Here is an easy Kundalini yoga exercise to magnetize charisma and attraction, pumping up your aura with gorgeous golden light. It’s good to do in the morning to charge you up to enjoy your day. Anyone can do it; try it now (menstruating women, please substitute long, deep breathing).

Sit cross-legged, spine straight, chin slightly tucked. Feel your connection to the Earth. Close your eyes and focus upwards at the third eye (forehead). Keep mouth closed, breath deeply in and out through the nose. Now pinch thumb and first finger together and raise hands above the head at a 60-degree angle (like ten to two on the clock). Reach for the Sun, the rays of which hit the Earth at a 60-degree angle. Take a deep breath in, and begin “breath of fire” – panting like a dog, yet with mouth closed. This powerful breath pumps the blood around the body and charges up your aura, magnifying the effect. After two to three minutes, breathe in deeply through the nose, bring hands together slowly above the head, stretch up, now hold the breath, and squ-e-e-ze “mul bhund” – your bottom or root chakra, shooting energy up your spine. Hold as long as you can, then gently release your breath and the root lock, and float the hands down to your lap, relax and breathe deeply, feel energized – and great!

How did that feel? Did you notice energy moving in your body, and feel how great your aura is when it is charged up?

The definition of health and wellbeing, in your body, business, or life, is “perfect energy flow.” Emotional blocks translate as energy blockages in the body, and when released, through yoga or energy healing, the original issue is also released.

Belief Change

Try this to release the subconscious beliefs mentioned here. Feel that your feet are connected to the ground. Invite all the parts of yourself to be present here now. Now say aloud:

I choose to believe “I am trying”

I love myself when I believe “I am trying”

And I embrace it, and I surrender

Rest afterwards, drink water.

Other Beliefs:

I’m afraid that I am really repulsive or not (note: repels things)

I’m not sure that I am really attractive (note: creates certainty about your attraction)

I attract disasters

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