Enjoying the Moment(s)

By Jelila

The Bali Times

SEMINYAK ~ Do you rush through life, missing the scenery, or are you a slowcoach meandering gently towards no particular destination? And how do you feel about that? Discover how you feel about your life and times, and how to ease any related stress, here.

A butterfly flits above the flowers, pausing a moment to taste the nectar, then flits to the next flower, never stopping. A snail moves slowly along the ground, sensing the world gently with its feelers. The moon sails high above, overseeing everything, yet never changing. Pause a moment and reflect on how you move through life – slowly and gracefully, savoring every moment? In a panic, whizzing through experiences without really taking them in? Or something else? And how do you feel about that?

Case Study

John came to me feeling very stressed. He had various situations in his life that were very taxing on his time and energy – a relationship that was costing more than it was worth, a difficult situation with his ex and problems with cashflow and his career.

“If only I had bought that property five years ago, everything would be okay now,” he mourned.

We explored John’s feelings about his life, and discovered that he believed he had made a mistake and needed to go back to correct it, and that since that mistake, he had been diminishing, or going backwards.

I explained to John that rather than thinking of life as a linear journey, a straight path we go forwards or backwards on, better to think of it as a spiral, like a spiral staircase. You go around the spiral, and often find yourself at a place that seems the same as before, though in actual fact, you have evolved and are merely experiencing a similar situation at a different level. On the spiral, you may look down, and see where you have been, and look up, and see where you are going to. John felt much more comfortable. “That’s a better way of looking at it!” he said, looking relieved.

John’s belief “I’ve done something wrong, I need to go backwards and I am diminishing” was having a detrimental effect on his life, as the universe was reflecting back to him all of these ideas: “being wrong, going backwards and diminishing.” Hence, his cashflow and business was diminishing, and things kept going wrong. Try to remember always that the universe merely reflect what you believe. We changed this belief, using the process below, which you can do, too.

Relationships in John’s life were stressful: “People are often nasty to me, disrespectful and harsh,” he said. I explained that this meant that he was being nasty, disrespectful and harsh to himself and that others were merely showing him that through their reflections to him. He looked puzzled. “But I’m nice to myself!” he said. I reminded him of the times in which he beat himself up about the past, made himself work very hard without rest and didn’t take time to relax and enjoy himself. “Oh that,” he said. “Yes, I do do that.” I explained that, to receive kind, caring responses from others, we must first remember to be kind and caring to ourselves. Then the universe reflects that kindness to us in the actions of others.

We spoke about John’s tendency to rush through life. “I work really hard to get somewhere, but then when I get there, I just want to leave and go on to the next thing.”

It transpired that John’s deep feeling about his very experience of life was like that of a butterfly – transient: he felt he just wanted to taste many experiences without really getting involved in any of them. He felt that the idea or beginning of an experience was enough, and thus flitted through life, experiencing many things, yet without really savoring them, feeling very stressed and rushed and not really enjoying. Deep within John was the idea that he had come to the planet just to get something done, get it over with, then get out again – really on a mission!

I suggested that John reflect on this for a week and then come and see me again.

All of our experiences in life are created by our deeper subconscious mind, which yearns to express itself in many ways. Often the situations and experiences that we create for ourselves hide this beautiful deeper truth, which you may now like to meditate on or just reflect: “I am nurturing something in myself which is coming to fruition.”


Relax breathe, and find yourself standing in a garden of flowers on a golden sunny day. It is hot, and bees are buzzing. You are a tall, very bright being. Look down at your hands to see some objects you are holding. Notice what they are and how they make you feel. Now make your way to your place of relaxation, and sit or lie down and relax for as long as you wish. When ready, gently return.

Belief Change

Permanently cleanse some negative subconscious beliefs mentioned here by following this easy process. Feel that your feet are connected to the ground. Invite every part of yourself to be present. Now say aloud:

I choose to believe “I am not meant to be here.”

I love myself when I believe “I am not really meant to be here.”

And I embrace it, and I surrender

Rest afterwards, drink water.

Other beliefs:

I am diminishing, going backwards.

I am afraid I am diminishing, going backwards.

I am not sure that I am coming to fruition, fruiting.

I am on a mission here.

This week, if you normally rush, try slowing down and tasting your experiences more fully.

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Jelila is a healing singer and intuitive guide, practicing in Asia and Australia. Now offering individual transformation sessions in Seminyak, Bali, at Wellbeing Spa, 66B Jalan Laksmana. Tel: +62 (0)361 735573. Jelila:  +62 (0) 81 239 43354. www.jelila.com.

If you have a question you would like to be helped with in this column, write to Jelila at jelila@jelila.com.

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