Bali’s Clove Sector Seen

DENPASAR ~ Bali produces cloves of better quality than other countries, the Bali Plantation Department asserted this week, as it announced new details of increased production targets and utilization of non-productive areas.

Despite ever-increasing quality, the price of cloves had fluctuated during the last five years due to an unstable, four-year production cycle, department chief I Wayan Badra Wisnaya told reporters.

In 2002 the price was Rp41,166 (US$4.60) per kilogram, plummeting to Rp14,326 in 2003. Last year, however, the price rose to Rp31,206, a standardized price set by the government.

Wisnaya said the government would keep the price between Rp30,000 to Rp40,000 in order to prevent losses by farmers and to increase production.

He said currently there were 14,669 hectares of productive clove fields in Bali, with an average production rate of 400 kilograms per hectare. Another 1,015 hectares were non-productive, or idle.

“If the non-productive areas can be used again, we expect production to rise to 6.2 tons annually, which could be reached in the next two or three years,” said Wisnaya.

Most of Bali’s cloves are used in production of the popular clove-filled kretek cigarettes made in Java.

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