Sanglah Hospital to Get Major Upgrade

DENPASAR ~ Patient-overloaded Sanglah General Hospital is to expand to cater for increasingly higher numbers of inpatients, officials announced this week as a probe continues into alleged corruption at the hospital.

The main government-funded medical facility in Bali and surrounding islands is to construct six four-storey buildings on its complex in Denpasar, operations director Triputro Nugroho told reporters on Tuesday.

Constriction is set to soon begin and be completed by 2012, and the buildings will house wards containing an additional 87 beds, bringing the total beds at the hospital to 800, he said.

An additional four operating theaters would be built, at a cost of Rp15 billion (US$1.7 million). Currently the hospital has 10 operating theaters.

More staff would be recruited and the hospital’s parking lot would be extended to cope with more vehicles, said Nugroho.

“Within five years we will have six units of four-story buildings. With these buildings, we will have 800 beds in total, the ideal amount to meet the patient overload,” he said.

The total cost of the new developments was not immediately known.

Sanglah Hospital has been allocated Rp70 billion for this year from the national budget, to cover the medical costs of patients who cannot afford to pay, with another Rp15 billion allocated by the Bali government for maintenance and to battle diseases like bird flu, according to the government.

Meanwhile, several hospital officials, including Nugroho, are currently under investigation over Rp2.7 billion that is missing from funds allocated to cover medical costs of the poor.

On Monday, finance director Ketut Nadra, fund chief Wayan Nurata and finance department head I Ketut Subidra also underwent five hours’ interrogation at the Attorney General’s Office here.

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