Activating the Navel Chakra for Action, Power

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Activating the Navel Chakra for Action, Power

Yoga, which means unity, calms mind and spirit, and tones the body gently and easily, benefiting health and wellbeing even if you only do it for 10 minutes.

This week, we discover the Third or Navel Chakra (Manipura). Its name means jewel of the lotus or lustrous gem. It is located at the navel and its color is yellow. This chakra relates to personal power, action and charisma and links with the ego or masculine “doing” aspect of ourselves.

These simple yoga techniques help you activate your power, charisma, and ability to get the job done and achieve success.

Begin with the warm-up from Yoga Times number 1 (online at

Bridge Pose from last week’s number 3 is also excellent for the navel.

Sit in Easy Pose (cross-legged with straight spine, chin tucked slightly, body relaxed, first finger and thumb pinched together resting on the knees). Close the eyes, focus at the third eye (above the bridge of the nose) as you imagine the color yellow expanding at the navel chakra and reflect for a few minutes on these aspects: The Human Challenge and Gift – to connect with our internal source of power and energy. Soul Desire – to ignite, connect with and focus physical energy. Primal Relationship – with internal source of power, identity, status.

Sat Kriya

Sat means self or truth and Kriya means completed action. So this powerful exercise is a self-ritual and it does bring a powerful, positive and centered sense of self. Sat Kriya uses sound as well as a body pose to powerfully activate the navel. Try it with friends, and notice how the group energy shifts to a higher plane as the exercise and mantra-chanting progresses.

Sit cross-legged with a straight spine. Tuck the chin slightly. With spine straight, relax the shoulders, relax the entire body. Interlock the hands in Jupiter mudra (first fingers extended upwards, other fingers interlocked) and raise the arms straight above the head, elbows hugging the ears. Close the eyes, focus at the third eye. Inhale deep (always through the nose), stretch up. Exhale. Inhale deep, stretch up, and begin chanting “Sat Nam” repeatedly (sat nam, sat nam…) On every Sat pull in your navel. On every Nam release your navel (you may find this happens naturally). If you feel short of breath, take a sniff in through the nose in between chanting, wherever feels comfortable. Continue for two to three minutes (or as long as is comfortable – never push it). When complete, inhale deep, stretch up. Exhale, relax the arms down and rest in Easy Pose for one minute.

Notice how the energy feels. If you feel an excess of energy, visualize it being stored at your navel chakra for later use.

This exercise eliminates negativity, helps you feel positive and confident about yourself and activates personal power and charm. It aids confidence and is great to do before meetings with clients.

Eagle Pose

Sit cross-legged, spine straight, chin tucked slightly and clench your fists with thumbs extended in a thumbs up. Raise the arms above your head, thumbs pointing up, arms at a 60-degree angle (the angle at which the sun’s rays hit the earth), to connect with the sun’s energy – the yellow brilliance. Inhale deep through the nose, stretch up. Exhale through the nose. Now inhale deep through the nose and begin “breath of fire” – panting like a dog, yet with the mouth closed (menstruating women should substitute long, deep breathing). Continue for two-three minutes (keep up as best you can), visualizing the rays of the sun pouring in through your thumbs, collecting at your navel chakra. When finished, inhale deep, stretch up, bring thumbs together above the head, clench your bottom in “root lock” or “mul bundh,” squeeze, feel the energy rush up your spine. Keep the arms up, exhale, release root lock, inhale deep, stretch up, squeeze root lock. Now gently release, and exhale through the nose as you float the arms down, imagining golden-white light expanding around you like an egg, lighting your aura up to three meters in all directions.

This one is great for charisma, attraction, luck and winning. Excellent before a business meeting or negotiation, it powers your aura up with golden light.

Bow Pose

Lay flat on your belly, bend your knees, reach behind and grab your feet with your hands. Stretch up, pull on the feet and rock backwards and forwards on your belly. Continue for one minute (or as long as you are able, relaxing down onto your belly in between as you need to). When complete, inhale deep through the nose, stretch up, perfect the pose, then exhale through the nose and relax down onto your belly for one minute.

Meditate in Easy Pose for two to three minutes to complete, focusing on your power and what you wish to create, visualizing it already happening, as you imagine the color yellow expanding at the navel chakra.

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