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SEMINYAK ~ Are you living in the present moment, or are you stuck in the past, or fast-forwarding to the future?  Find out how to relax and enjoy your present moment, here.

James came to me wanting help with his relationship. “I don’t seem to be able to get my relationship to go forwards.” he mused. “It seems stuck.”

We explored James’ feelings further, and as he talked, it transpired that his inner child was stuck in the past, still trying to resolve his difficult relationship with his father. The inner child, or playful one, is an important identity that allows us to have fun, be creative, let go. If it is stuck in the past, those aspects of ourselves are stuck, too. Then we unwittingly project that onto our present relationships. I guided James in a creative visualization meditation, which you can try below, and we connected with his inner child and asked where it was.

James said: “I’m a child in a very basic boxy room, with my father, who is just sort of sitting here, semitransparent, not doing anything.” (A very similar boxed-in feeling to how James described his present relationship with his partner). Dialoguing with the child, we found him quite grumpy and intransigent, not wanting to move, and insisting on staying with his father.

Our subconscious mind continuously records our experiences in a way that is not limited by time. In the subconscious, all experiences exist together. So when in a meditative, relaxed state (the kind you achieve by walking on the beach), it is possible to access all aspects of who you have been (or will be) because there is no time in that aspect of mind. Recordings of yourself as child, teenager, young adult, mature adult all coexist. Imagine all your experiences laid out together like a massive patchwork quilt, the squares of which you may examine. By traveling backwards or forwards in consciousness through a creative visualization journey, we may access all of our experience, and effect some powerful changes simply by realigning the imagery. This is because the imagery we create in our minds is real to the subconscious mind, which makes no distinction between images in real life, TV, movies, magazines or our own thoughts. As we change our mind’s imagery, so the real world will adjust to reflect our new understanding, in extraordinary, rapid and powerful ways.

Experience this powerful creative visualization for yourself simply by imagining the imagery, sounds or feelings. Allow the first thing that comes to you. It’s okay to diverge from the story, be creative and invent whatever you need in the situation that arises. Ask for help or explanation from fairies, guides or angels anytime you need it.

Freeing the Child Meditation Journey

Relax breathe and become aware of yourself in the present moment. What are you wearing? How do you feel? How do your hands look? Notice your power, capability, wisdom, beauty. Now close your eyes, and imagine yourself in a beautiful airy forest. You hear the light uplifting sound of a pure water brook gushing behind you. At your feet, you notice some red-spotted mushrooms springing up before you, and you begin to follow them, playing a game. You are carrying a red-spotted picnic basket full of lovely treats you have prepared. Continue to follow the mushrooms back until you reach a clearing. Rest in the clearing a moment and wait for your child to arrive. Notice how they are. The powerful present-day you now has all the time you need to inform the child of what they need to know, and to listen to what they need. Take any actions needed to help and free the child by giving your present gifts. When ready, hug the child and ask if it is ready to travel with you. When ready, begin to gently drift forwards towards the present, hugging the child, accompanying the child, imprinting your present powerful self all the way through the journey in time, supporting and being with the child all the way. When ready, gently return to the room.

Belief Change

As you embrace these limiting beliefs, they are released from your subconscious mind, freeing you. Feel that your feet are connected to the ground. Invite every part of yourself to be present. Now say aloud:

I choose to believe “it’s not safe to be fully present here now.”

I love myself when I believe “it’s not safe to be fully present here now.”

And I embrace it, and I surrender

As the new information settles in your aura, you may feel momentarily woozy. Take it slowly, rest afterwards, drink water.

Other Beliefs:

My child feels boxed-in.

My child is stuck indoors.

I cannot access my child.

(Child) I must stay here and look after my father in order to survive.

(Child) My relationship with my father is difficult.

(Child) I feel useless here on my own.

(Adult) I’m afraid I can’t access my child the way I want to.

I’m afraid of leaving my child behind, of losing my child.

I’ve left part of myself behind and I can’t go forward without it.

I’m not happy with now.

I feel incomplete.

I’m not sure that it, my father, my child, is okay, is really okay.

Postscript: After the visualization journey and healing with crystals, James felt much lighter. “My child feels happy!” he smiled. He said he felt grateful for reconnecting with an important part of himself, and felt very present. James mentioned that he also sometimes focused a lot on the future and what he wanted to create. I said that that was okay, as long as he was enjoying the journey of getting there.

There is only the journey, and it is happening now…

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