One-Way Traffic Mulled for Oberoi

OBEROI, Seminyak ~ The Legian hotel in Seminyak is proposing changing traffic flow in the area into a one-way system, in a bid, it says, to increase security and attract more tourists.

At a meeting last Sunday at Basangkasa Temple, the hotel’s human resources director, Yudhi Lingga, told those in attendance from the area’s hotels and villas, and local residents, that the proposed change was vital to retaining the locale’s upmarket image.

“Based on data from the Indonesian Association of Tour and Travel Agents, there has been a 15-percent increase in tourists visiting Bali, which translates into 227,579 people. In view of this, we see it as necessary to initiate the rearrangement of the Seminyak area to improve its distinguished popularity,” he said.

With such a system, it would be easier to monitor people coming into the area, said Lingga.

“So far the security in Seminyak is good, although we think that the area is a soft target for crime. By having a one-way direction, we all will be able to track who go in and out of the area,” he said.

Despite approvals from several major properties – The Oberoi, The Samaya, Resor Seminyak and The Ahimsa – local residents said they were against the plan. C151 Resort Seminyak, Laksmana Villas and The Dusun also were against the proposal.

“The one-way direction will be a problem for the villagers in performing ceremonies, which requires the people to walk through certain routes in order to get to the beach and the temples,” Rai Wiradarma of C151 told The Bali Times.

The bigger issue was clogged traffic in the area that would be better dealt with if there were parking spaces available, said Wiradarma.

“Based on government regulations, every establishment must provide its own parking area. This would reduce the traffic significantly,” he said.

Local community leader Gede Mulyawan said the people were open to any suggestions about improving tourism in Bali, as long as the proposals accommodated both businesses and residents.

“We support any efforts to enhance this neighborhood, but they must be in line with the wishes of the people, and right now we cannot support the one-way traffic system. Feasibility studies need to be carried out first,” he said.

Said The Legian’s general manager, Andreas Herbst, in an email to concerned parties following the meeting last Sunday, “I like to think that the meeting yesterday was a great step forward. If we continue our concerted efforts, I’m confident that security in and around Seminyak will improve. Indeed, there are many other things we can do improve security – this could be discussed in future meetings. We will keep you posted.”

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