Empowering the Throat Chakra for Communication, Expression

This week we experience the Fifth or Throat Chakra (known as Vishuddha or Vishuddhi). Its name means pure or purity. It is located at the centre of the throat at the base of the neck between the collarbones, and its color is bright blue. This chakra relates to all forms of communication and self-expression, whether personal or through work, creativity and play.

These simple yoga techniques help to open your communication channels so that you may know and express your truth clearly and openly.

Begin with the warm-up from Yoga Times issue 1 (online at www.thebalitimes.com).

Sit in Easy Pose (cross-legged with straight spine, chin tucked slightly, body relaxed, first finger and thumb pinched together resting on the knees). Close your eyes and focus at the third eye as you imagine the color blue expanding at the throat chakra as you reflect on these aspects of the throat: Human Challenge and Gift – to express our truth and hear the sound of the universe. Soul Desire – to be heard and understood, to transmit and receive our truth. Primal Relationship – our harmonized connection with all existence.

Throat Detox

Sit in Easy Pose, and with the hands in Gyan Mudra (first finger and thumb pinched together with the rest of the hand open); raise the arms above the head at a 60-degree angle. Inhale deep through the nose as you relax the belly; stretch up. Exhale through the nose as you pull the belly in. Now inhale deep through the nose, extend the tongue and begin breath of fire, panting like a dog, over a curled and extended tongue (just curl it as best you can). It is normal for the belly to pump as you do this. Continue for two to three minutes, as you focus at the third eye and meditate on Sat Nam (“truth is my name” in Sanskrit) – inhale and think Sat; exhale, think Nam. Notice any thoughts that arise and let them go. You may experience a bitter taste on the tongue as toxic thoughts and ideas, and body toxins, are released. This is normal. When finished, inhale deep, stretch up – perfect the pose, bring the arms together, then gently float them down and rest the hands on the knees. Meditate a moment on your thoughts and feelings. (Have a note pad by you to write down your insights and visions if you wish). This one is very good for detoxifying negative thoughts. It works the navel chakra for courage and clarity in communication, opens the heart so you may express your true feelings, purifies the thoughts and opens the throat to express your truth. It’s a good one to do anytime before communicating your ideas.

Throat Purifier

Stand up straight, with feet shoulder-width apart. Extend the arms straight out to the sides at shoulder height with the palms flexed as if saying “stop” or pushing the walls away from you. Inhale deep through the nose as you twist the whole of your upper body and head left so that you end up looking over your left shoulder, keeping the arms in the same position so that your palms describe a circle around your neck. Exhale through the nose as you twist right, to look over your right shoulder. Close your eyes and imagine you are looking out through your third eye as you do this, as it moves from left to right, inhaling Sat and exhaling Nam. Continue for two to three minutes (keep up as much as you can). Imagine the area around the throat being filled with light. This one activates and purifies the throat chakra – you are bringing the breath from the left side (representing the vision and wisdom of the feminine) to the right (representing the masculine, active principle). It helps you enact your truth with clarity and wisdom.

Relax on your back for one minute in corpse pose, palms facing up, to integrate the energy generated by the exercise (do this anytime you need to after an exercise).

Chant: Ad Guray Nameh

Sit in Easy Pose, bring the palms together in prayer pose at the heart and for three, seven or 11 minutes, reflect on your truth as you rhythmically chant: AD GURAY NAMEH, JUGAD GURAY NAMEH, SAT GURAY NAMEH, SIRI GURU DAY-AVAY NAMEH. This Sanskrit mantra connects you to your creative inner power and engenders feelings of courage and safety. It surrounds the magnetic field with protective light, and means “I bow to the primal Guru (guiding consciousness who takes us to God-realization), I bow to wisdom through the ages, I bow to True Wisdom, I bow to the great, unseen wisdom.” (“Siri” has a trilled “r,” as in Indonesian.)

Meditate in Easy Pose for two to three minutes, focusing on the thought “I am my truth,” as you imagine the color blue expanding at your throat chakra, and visualize, feel or hear yourself talking, singing, dancing, working, playing, creating, expressing all that you wish to express, in the ideal way. Affirm that it is safe and that you are meant to be here, expressing your truth. Enjoy the feeling. When ready, gently return.

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