Name: Oxana Yatsenko
Age: 20
Occupation: Indonesian language and culture student
From: Vologda, Russia
Marital status: Single

What can be done to improve Bali’s image?

I think Bali’s image is good enough, but perhaps the government might want to encourage people to be more disciplined, especially regarding rubbish disposal.

Are you satisfied with the current level of security?

Yes, I am.

Is the central government doing enough to improve Indonesia?

No, I don’t think so. In Semarang, where I study now, a lot of things are not right – like pollution. And when I take the bus, often there’s nowhere to sit.

What are the challenges that lie ahead?

There are too many people; the government needs to control the population. There are also too many warung (foodstalls) that are allowed to operate with no regulations, so hygiene is a problem.

Where’s the hottest spot in Bali right now?

For me, Ubud is good – a modern place but I can see trees, birds, temples and other traditions. I can relax. Kuta is too noisy for me, too many people, no time to relax.

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