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Activating the Third Eye for Vision, Intuition

This week we experience the Sixth or Brow Chakra, also known as the third eye (Ajna). Its name means “command, perception, knowledge, authority.” It is associated with the pituitary gland and the eyes. It is located about 2.5 centimeters above the bridge of the nose, at the centre of the forehead, and its color is purple or indigo. This chakra relates to intuition, knowing, psychic abilities and your connection to all that is.

These simple-yet-powerful yoga techniques help to open your third eye so that you may enhance your ability to connect with your intuition, bringing wisdom, new choices and the inside track on what is really best for you.

Begin with the warm-up from Yoga Times No. 1 (online at

Sit in Easy Pose (cross-legged with straight spine, chin tucked slightly, body relaxed, first finger and thumb pinched together resting on the knees). Close the eyes, focus at the brow chakra (2.5 centimeters above the bridge of the nose) as you imagine the color purple expanding at the brow chakra as you reflect on these aspects of the third eye: Human Challenge and Gift – to move from thinking to intuitively knowing. Soul Desire – to be one with, and to know, all that is. Primal Relationship – with inner and cosmic knowledge.

Neck Rolls

Sit in Easy Pose, rest the palms on the knees and drop the head forward. Now angle the back of the head towards your right shoulder and begin rotating the head in slow circles anti-clockwise. Slowly, so it takes 8.5 seconds to do one rotation. Long, deep breathing through the nose as you focus at the third eye – as you inhale think “Sat”; as you exhale, think “Nam” (Sat Nam means “truth is my name” in Sanskrit). Continue for one to two minutes. Then return to centre, inhale centre, drop the head forward, tilt the head back and to the left and rotate in the other direction for one to two minutes. When ready, return to centre, face forward, inhale deep, pull the spine straight, relax the shoulders and place the hands on the heart as you meditate for two to three more minutes, focusing at the third eye. Remember the Sat Nam mantra (if you forget, which is normal, just notice that and come back to it).

This exercise brings a deep sense of peace and connects you with the value of simply being you. It is good to do anytime you feel uncertain or unworthy. It opens the third eye, and reminds you of your connection to “all that is,” activating your intuitive abilities.

Infinity Kriya

Remain in Easy Pose, with the hands on the knees. Begin rolling the head on the neck in the shape of a sideways figure eight. The chin comes down to the centre of the chest with each circle, twice in a full repetition of the movement. Make sure that the exercise is performed powerfully and steadily with equal timing for each revolution of the head. Continue for three minutes at a moderate pace and then sit still for 30 seconds. This exercise is very powerful and must be done carefully and consciously. The effect is to balance the central ear, which affects clear and conscious thought. It’s a good one to try when you need clarity.

Brain Refresher

Remain in Easy Pose, with your hands on your knees. The chest is out and the shoulders are back. Maintaining this posture, begin vibrating the front of the face, using a very rapid and short up and down vibrating motion. Try to move just the forehead. The breath will adjust itself. Continue for two to three minutes. This interesting exercise works on the change and replacement of gray matter in the brain, revitalizing and refreshing your thoughts. You can do it anytime you need to refresh your ideas, even while sitting at a desk.

Venus Bow

Come into Celibate Pose, sitting between the heels with your bottom touching the ground. The spine is straight. Interlace the fingers with left little finger on the bottom, with the right index finger on top for men and the left for women (Venus lock) behind the neck. Begin to bow, touching only your chin to the ground (or as close as you can), to the following 10-count rhythm: down on 1, up on 2, down on 3, up on 4, down on 5, up on 6, down on 7, up on 8; remain up for 9 and 10. Continue for two to three minutes (ideally, for 15 minutes, as you develop your practice). This exercise relieves problems of the reproductive area and the pituitary gland. When the chin touches the ground the parathyroid gland is stimulated. It brings you into contact with your intuitive knowing, opening the third eye and activating your whole being.

Easy Listener

Sit in Easy Pose. Place the palms on the floor on each side. Keep the elbows straight. Chant: Wahe Guru, Wahe Jeeo (“wow teacher, wow God!” in Sanscrit). Begin to rhythmically rotate the whole body, moving deep from the navel. Move with the chanting, continuing for two to three minutes. Afterwards, move in the posture and breathe long and gently for two more minutes. This exercise works on the parathyroid gland and develops the power to listen, helping you to stay in touch with your wisdom.

Meditate in Easy Pose for two to three minutes, focusing on the thought “I know myself,” as you imagine the colors purple and indigo expanding at your brow chakra. When ready, gently return.

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