Activating the Crown Chakra for Connection to the Divine

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This week we experience the seventh or Crown Chakra (Sehasara/Sehasrara). Its name means “thousand petal lotus.” It is located at the crown of the head, and its color is golden-white. This chakra relates to divinity – your awareness of and connection with consciousness. Although the Crown Chakra is the highest in the body, always remember that the heart is king. Wisdom from the Crown untempered by love from the heart can result in fanaticism. You can test this for yourself while meditating, by questioning the Crown Chakra and questioning the heart, to discover the different quality of the answers you get.

These simple yet powerful yoga techniques help to connect you with your own divine wisdom, so that you may know and express the God in you.

Begin with the warm-up from Yoga Times number 1 (online at

Sit in Easy Pose (cross-legged with straight spine, chin tucked slightly, body relaxed, first finger and thumb pinched together resting on the knees). Close the eyes, focus at the Crown Chakra (top of the head) imagining the color golden-white expanding there as you breathe deeply in and out through the nose, reflecting on these aspects of the Crown Chakra: Human Challenge and Gift – to tune into and meld with divine consciousness. Soul Desire – to connect with, be, know and express the divine. Primal Feeling – oneness, bliss.

Crown Activator

Standing up straight, lock the thumbs into tightly closed fists. The arms hang at the sides. Carefully allow the head to fall back. Inhale deep through the nose and begin “breath of fire” – a rapid panting breath yet with mouth closed (two or three breaths per second). Your navel will pump naturally. As you inhale, think “Sat” and as you exhale, think “Nam” (Sat Nam means “truth is my name” in Sanskrit). Alternatively, allow your mind to relax and see what comes to you. Continue for two to three minutes. On completion, inhale deep; gently bring the head back to upright. Stand and relax a moment.

This exercise opens circulation to the head, and breath of fire powerfully pumps the blood around the body, cleansing and refreshing the supply. It also connects you with the divine and is good to use any time you need to feel calm and centered.

Triangle or Dog Pose

With the feet shoulder width apart, bend forward and place the hands shoulder width apart on the ground. Push the hips skyward, have the arms and legs perfectly straight, so that the pose forms a triangle with the ground. Press your heels down towards the ground as far as you can, drop the head. Let it go. Relax. Breathing is long and deep, through the nose. Meditate on Sat Nam as you inhale and exhale. Relax in the pose, as much as you can, for two to three minutes. When complete, inhale deep, drop the knees and sit on your heels. Now drop your forehead forward and rest it on the ground in Baby Pose, with your hands behind you on the ground, palms facing up, to integrate the energy generated by the exercise.

Triangle Pose stimulates the pituitary and relaxes the spine and the mind, aids digestion and is an excellent tonic for the nerves. Baby Pose is deeply comforting and great to do anytime you feel stressed or unloved. Both exercises bring you into touch with your divine self and wisdom.

Hanging Pose

From standing, reach up with the hands, inhale deep through the nose as you stretch up, then reach out as you bend forwards to touch your toes (as far as is comfortable), bringing your face towards your knees. Keep the legs straight. Now hold each elbow so that your arms form a cradle for your head. Drop and relax the head as you hang. Concentrate on straightening the legs and bringing your face towards your knees. Deeply relax and hang there for two to three minutes, breathing deeply through the nose and reflecting on your connection with the divine, while being aware of your heart.

This exercise deeply relaxes body and mind, stimulates blood flow to the head, opens the heart chakra, brings a deep sense of wellbeing and connects you to your wisdom with love.

Active Crown Meditation

This energizing meditation circulates your prana or life-force energy powerfully through the body, revitalizing and inspiring you.

From a standing position, inhale deep through the nose as you visualize sucking energy up the back of your body, from heels to head. Exhale deeply as you push energy down the front of the body. Continue for three minutes. Work at it – sweat! Finally, exhale deep as you push the light energy shower out the top of your head.  Feel golden-white light showering all around you, refreshing and cleansing your aura. Inhale, sit quietly and relax. Note what comes to you. This exercise activates your Crown Chakra and brings the wisdom of the divine to your whole body and aura.

Chant: Me and God Are One

Meditate in Easy Pose (see above) for two to three minutes, focusing on the thought “I am me,” as you imagine a golden white light surrounding your head and connecting with a light pink or green aura of light around your heart. When ready, begin to sing, in a singsong voice: “Me and God, God and me, a-r-e one!” (are is two syllables: aa-are. Emphasize the “one” as if you are banging a gong. Play with it.).  Continue repeating the chant for two to three minutes, or as long as you like. This chant is deeply relaxing and fun. It is also intended to be playful, reminding you of the light and divine connection we naturally have as children, and deserve to retain as adults.

When ready, gently return and lie down for a deeply relaxing yogic sleep for 10 minutes or so.

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