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Think of a situation that bothers you, and write some feelings and thoughts that you have about it. Here is an example, from Susan, a client who came to me recently, feeling angry because she had not heard from her friend Paula. This is what she wrote:

“How can she not write to me? I feel angry and dismayed at being out of touch. How can she not care about me? How can she do this to me?”

I asked Susan to convert the sentences into positive ones, beginning with “I wonder how.” This is what she created:

“I wonder how I can improve my relationship with Paula by 200 percent? I wonder how I can feel peaceful and comfortable when I am out of touch? I wonder how I can know that Paula really cares about me? I wonder how I can feel empowered and satisfied in my relationship with Paula?”

This kind of peaceful “wondering how” is very healthy indeed. As you guide yourself into this mode of thinking, you will find that your subconscious mind naturally presents solutions and ideas to you. For example, in doing this, Susan realized that she could of course, just contact Paula! She also saw that Paula did care, that it was okay to be out of touch and that if Susan looked after herself more, she would feel less needy in her friendship.

As well as helping Susan to make realizations, have new ideas, and feel more empowered, “wondering how” engages your subconscious mind (The Universe) powerfully to create actual situations that support and demonstrate what you have wondered. This is how synchronicity happens.

(I did a classic one for myself for a long time – I wondered: “How can my life be so difficult, when I have so much wisdom!” Of course, I found out how. Now I know how to “wonder how my life can be even more delightful” and my life is very good indeed.)

The results can be subtle – a client wondered: “How can I have Rp4 million (US$444) by sundown? She was guided to a new property, which over the following four months would save her the money. She thus had Rp4 million by sundown.

Take your sentences from earlier, and change them all so that they are about yourself. This is very enlightening. Susan did this and wrote: “I wonder how I can ignore myself and be so out of touch with myself? I wonder how I can not care about myself? I wonder how can I do this to myself?”

Then change them into “positive wonderings how,” like: “I wonder how I can pay more attention to myself? I wonder how I can care about myself and look after myself?”

Susan resolved to pay more attention to her friendship with herself. As Susan was able to listen to her own needs, she was able to empathize more with Paula, and their friendship is improving.

Five ‘Wonders’ to Bring Joy, Happiness and Ecstasy:

I wonder how I may feel happy and satisfied in every moment, in highest good*?

I wonder how I may feel ecstatically pleased with myself?

I wonder how this situation can get better? (You can ask other people this one, also, in any situation).

I wonder how I can realize my highest goals and good?

I wonder how I can live in plenty, joy and abundance?

Go ahead and make up your own:

I wonder how I may have my own yacht?

I wonder how I may meet and marry my soulmate by Christmas 2007?

Be really specific. Name exactly how, when and what, and always add “in highest good.” The Universe will show you how and in some cases this will bring situations guiding you to grow so that you are able to have what you have asked for (for example, if you ask to be a rock star, you might be guided to situations to help you have more confidence, first).

Tips for effective manifestation:

•     Make your wishes specific (name names – one client wondered how “Steve could get in touch” and was inundated by lots of other guys named Steve, just not the individual she wanted. The Universe takes the most direct route to fulfill requests.)

•     *Always add “in highest good.” This ensures nobody (including you) is hurt or deprived in the process.

•     Ask for everything that you really want.

Postscript from last week: “When I don’t get what I want, or feel out of control, I abuse myself” is another addiction belief. You have this one, if you are abusive to others when they don’t respond in the way that you want. If you habitually beat yourself up, or are addicted to anything, then you have this one, too. Use the belief change process in last week’s article on addiction to release it.

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