Indonesia Should Use Abandoned Land for Palm Oil: Greenpeace

JAKARTA ~ Indonesian police were on normal alert this week despite a warning issued by Australia over the weekend that a terrorist attack may be imminent.

Australia’s foreign affairs department warned citizens in an upgraded travel advisory to stay away from Indonesia because of fears that an attack may be launched.

National police spokesman Sisno Adiwinoto said that the Indonesian police had their own assessment of the situation and would not change their position merely because of a warning issued by another country.

“So far the situation in Indonesia is calm, as usual,” he said.

“We do not act based on orders or intervention from other countries,” he added.

The Australian advisory warned that attacks “could occur any time, anywhere in Indonesia.”

Australian Prime Minister John Howard said on Monday that advisories were only issued on strong intelligence.

“All terrorist threats are serious and the problem is if you don’t warn of them and something happens you are legitimately criticized,” he said in a television interview.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer said the travel warning was not based on information about a specific attack.

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