Spiritual Times: Why the World Feels Stressed

SEMINYAK ~ Discover “The Gift” – a new framework for understanding yourself and harmonizing your life. This week, the Inner Masculine, why men get so angry when women can’t read maps, and how changing some simple subconscious ideas held by the Inner Masculine has great benefit in reducing such stresses (and many others) in your life.

The Gift is my concept of how four important inner identities that we all have need to work together inside of us so we can feel happy, successful, playful, peaceful and unstressed. The Gift identities are: Masculine, Feminine, Inner Child, Higher Self.

The Inner Masculine is the part of us that is active, makes things happen, works, organizes, is logical. It is the ego. It is the physical part of ourselves, reality. It is finite, and time-based. The Masculine does things one step at a time, making things happen in physical reality (whereas, the Inner Feminine is responsible for feeling, and intuiting ideas of what you want to create. The Feminine is our intuition, is timeless, infinite and, being able to conceive of things of great complexity in a mere instant, can get a bit impatient with the Inner Masculine).

When we talk of male ego and feminine Intuition, we are unwittingly talking of these two identities – the Inner Masculine is the ego. The Inner Feminine is the intuition. As we harmonize these voices within us, we can overcome the war of the sexes – which in actual fact starts within us between these identities, before we ever see stress and tension in our everyday relationships.

Why Men Get So Angry When Women Can’t Read Maps

A client came to me recently, wondering why driving was so stressful with her husband. I explained that the reason why map-reading is often so fraught is because it pushes on some deep subconscious fears of the Masculine. The man is driving, and is thus in his active, Inner Masculine identity, and he does not know which way to go – so he is unwittingly facing one of the deepest fears of the Masculine, whose job is to take direction and make things happen – that he doesn’t know where he is going, that he is not good enough and that he is wrong. Very touchy, deep subconscious fears.

The woman is in her Inner Feminine identity, endeavoring to intuit the right way to go, wanting to ask for directions (this is okay for the Feminine, being about intuition and information, but is a NO NO for the Masculine, as to him, it means admitting you are wrong). So the man starts yelling at the woman, that she is stupid and doesn’t know which way to go. He is projecting his own feelings about himself onto her (and also onto his Inner Feminine). The woman (and Inner Feminine) begins to doubt her ability to know which way to go – so we lose touch with our intuitive voice and mistrust the crucial guidance our feelings bring.

Here is a simple process to release the “I’m wrong” belief from the Masculine identity, which makes it (and you) feel so much more comfortable.

Relax, breathe and get in touch with the part of you that is active, works, organizes, thinks and is logical. Invite that part of you to be present. Also invite the part of you that feels to be present. Then, the playful one, and the wise one so you are all fully present.

Now imagine your four Gift characters (Masculine, Feminine, Child, Higher Self) holding hands, as you say these words aloud:

I choose to believe:  “I am wrong; I must be wrong; There must be something wrong with me.”

I love myself when I believe: “I am wrong; I must be wrong; There must be something wrong with me.”

And I embrace it, and I surrender.

Relax after, drink water. You may feel woozy as this belief is a deep, old idea, and will cause your personal information system, stored in the magnetic field or aura around your body, to shift. Allow whatever feelings surface. Your subconscious mind will naturally process many old experiences in the light of your new belief as you sleep.

The greatest cause of stress in the world is that the Inner Masculine has decided that it is wrong, which makes it go around trying to prove that it is right. So the Inner Masculine within us becomes a domineering tyrant, beating up the Inner Feminine, telling the feeling, intuitive part of the self that she is wrong, to such a degree that she then starts to be afraid that there is something wrong with her, causing us to stop listening to our intuition – and our feelings. (I call the resulting scenario Domineering Father and Hurt Girl. If you have this inner pattern, you will likely play both roles in your relationships, from time to time. On a world stage we see it played out as Big Business vs. The Earth.)

Conflict within us is the root of all stress. Creations led only by the Inner Masculine, with no reference to the Inner Feminine, tend to be hard, physical, moneymaking schemes absent of feeling or concern for others, which is how we end up with negative outcomes like pollution, waste and wars in the name of commerce. Whereas, working properly with the love of the Feminine, the fun of the Child and the wisdom of the Higher Self, the successful Masculine can realize wonderful, meaningful, beautiful creations that are effective, playful, meaningful and of benefit to all.

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