Yoga Times: Activating the Whole Aura for Balance, Power

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Activating the Whole Aura for Balance, Power

This week I’m going to share one of my favorite yoga sets. I love this one because it’s very complete, and brings a wonderfully deep sense of peace. It is called balancing the total self, from a classic set shared by Yogi Bhaijan in 1975. It balances the whole aura – the magnetic field around your body (up to three meters in all directions, surrounding your body in an egg shape) that comprises your personal vibrational frequency, and is emanated by your chakras. Your aura changes in color and vibration in response to your mood and feelings. This set also harmonizes the left and right hemispheres of the brain, and number Nine – Locust Pose, brings such deep relaxation that you may nod off – a useful exercise to have on hand should you ever suffer from insomnia.

It’s quite a strenuous and long set if you do all of it, and well worth doing. With all the exercises, simply do as much as you comfortably can. These simple yet powerful yoga techniques help to balance and harmonize the whole body and aura, so that you feel relaxed and vibrant.

Begin with the warm-up from Yoga Times No. 1 (online at

Working the Total Self

ONE – Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart, and interlace the fingers in Jupiter mudra (first fingers extended together into a point, other fingers interlaced. If you normally have the second finger of your right hand on top, try the other way). Now raise the lock above the head and lean to your right, with the mudra or hand position pointing right. Remain in this position for two minutes, breathing deeply through the nose. As you inhale, think “Sat” and as you exhale think “Nam” (Sat Nam means “truth is my identity” in Sanskrit. Meditate on Sat Nam throughout the entire yoga set to the best of your ability.) When complete, return to centre, inhale centre, stretch up. Now lean to the other side for a further two minutes.

TWO – Now immediately bend forward from the waist, spine straight, as you reach your arms straight behind you (rather as if skiing) spreading your fingers apart as far as possible. Concentrate on spreading the hands powerfully throughout. Continue for one minute.

THREE – Inhale deep, return to standing position and bring the heels close together with feet splayed. Have the hands in Gyan Mudra (first finger and thumb pinched together, hand open). Raise the arms straight out above your head at a 60-degree angle. Inhale deep through the nose, bend the knees (not too much – no need to go right down) as you exhale through the nose, inhale as you come back up to standing and continue bobbing up and down inhaling Sat, exhaling Nam. Focus on the wall in front of you. Continue for two to three minutes.

FOUR – Repeat exercise Three, except this time you chant “sa-ta-na-ma” as you bob up and down, heels together. From standing, arms up as before, inhale deep through the nose, go down as you chant “SA,” go up as you chant “TA,” down for “NA,” up for “MA” and continue. Take a sniff of breath in through the nose at the end of each repetition (i.e. before “SA,” if you wish).  Continue for two to three minutes. On completion, inhale deep, stretch up, bring the hands slowly together above your head, squeeze “mul bundh” (root lock – clench your buttocks and sex organs). Feel the energy shoot up your spine. Exhale, release, bring the hands down and relax in standing position a moment.

FIVE – Come onto your hands and knees, hands shoulder-width apart and knees level with hips. Now raise your right foot and kick yourself repeatedly in the right buttock with a rhythmic motion (I know it sounds funny, and it is, but it releases stuck energy we hold in our buttocks). Continue for one minute. Now repeat on the left side.

SIX – Still on hands and knees, raise the feet and rapidly crisscross them at the ankles, alternating right foot on top, then left foot on top (think “hand jive” if you don’t get it). Continue for one minute.

SEVEN – For the full effect, repeat FIVE and SIX.

EIGHT – Lying on your belly, reach behind you, grab the ankles, inhale deep, pull and stretch up. Rock on the belly for one minute. Then inhale deep, stretch up, perfect the pose; then exhale and relax down onto your belly.

NINE – LOCUST POSE – Lying on your belly, clench the hands into fists and fit them snugly beneath you alongside each side of your groin.  Now inhale deep as you cross the ankles and raise head and feet slightly above the ground with long, deep breathing through the nose for one minute. On completion, inhale, perfect the pose, then relax down (it is at this point you may zonk into sleep). Roll over into Corpse Pose if you can, lying flat on your back, palms facing up and enjoy a deep yogic sleep for 10 minutes.


Sit in Easy Pose (cross-legged with straight spine, chin tucked slightly, body relaxed, first finger and thumb pinched together resting on the knees) and meditate on Sat Nam, focusing on the harmony that is your whole being, for three, seven or 11 minutes.

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