Spa Industry Gains Momentum in Bali

Spa numbers in Indonesia and Bali have grown over 160 percent since 2003, according to a new survey by Intelligent Spas, identifying 390 spas currently operating and another 21 spas under development.

The  report, titled Spa Industry Profile Indonesia 2003-2009, achieved a 61 percent response rate.

Some key industry totals and averages extracted from the report include:

* Intelligent Spas identified 390 spa facilities currently operating in Indonesia.

* 52 percent were spas located in hotels, resorts or retreats (destination spas) and 42 percent were day spas.

* The average indoor area of spa facilities in Indonesia was 713 square meters.

* 42 percent of the total spa space was allocated to treatment rooms.

* Spas contained nine treatment rooms on average.

* 67 percent of spas owned a relaxation room compared to 3 percent that arranged access for their visitors to use a nearby relaxation room.

* Baths with water and/or air jets were provided by 75 percent of respondents.

* One-hour body wraps were priced from Rp238,533 (US$26) on average.

* Herbal tea was the most common complimentary food or beverage item provided by spas, with 87 percent offering it to visitors.

* Increased demand by clients for holistic spa treatments was the most common industry trend observed by spa owners and managers.

“The excellent response rate enabled the survey results to be broken down further for more accurate benchmarking and analysis,” explained Julie Garrow, managing director of Intelligent Spas, “and it was very interesting to examine the key differences between day spas and destination spas, as well as spas located in Bali versus Jakarta.”

* Day spas were larger in terms of indoor space when compared to destination spas.

* Day spas contained more treatment rooms than destination spas.

* Relaxation rooms were more commonly found in day spas.

* Day spas were more likely to provide tub soaks.

* Spa facilities located in Jakarta were much larger in terms of indoor area compared to spas in Bali.

* Jakarta spas contained more treatment rooms compared to spas in Bali.

* A higher proportion of respondents in Bali said they offered complimentary fresh fruit/vegetable juice to visitors, in comparison to Jakarta spas.

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