Name: Yus Subianto
Age: 36
Occupation: Hotel receptionist
From: Semarang
Marital status: Married What can be done to improve Bali’s image?

People should be friendlier with each other than they are now; they should keep their Eastern traditions strong and alive. Like in my religion, Islam, we use the Assalam alaikum greeting. But nowadays people don’t stick with their traditions, and that’s bead.

Are you satisfied with the current level of security?

Yes, I am. Security is good here, because there is harmony among many religions in Bali. I’ve seen before that Muslims who are going to Mecca are guarded by pecalang (Balinese security guards). There are no conflicts among religions in Bali, so I think it’s safe here.

Is the central government doing enough to improve Indonesia?

It’s doing enough, but more needs to be done. Public facilities, for example, are often in a bad state or repair and more care and attention should be paid to things like this.

What are the challenges that lie ahead?

Proving that we are a fully independent and strong country, and able to manage and run our country without any help or advice from other countries.

Where’s the hottest spot in Bali right now?

Kuta – it’s going all night long.

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