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Trusting Your Intuition – The Inner Feminine: ‘The Gift’

SEMINYAK ~ Discover ‘The Gift’ – a new framework for understanding yourself and harmonizing your life. This week, how to trust your intuition so you may benefit from the inspired wisdom it brings, and how to enjoy the creative wildness that is the inner feminine.

The Gift is my concept of four important inner identities that we all need to have working together inside of us to achieve balance and harmony. The Gift identities are: Masculine, Feminine, Inner Child, Higher Self.

The Inner Feminine is the part of us that feels, is intuitive, conceives of dreams and ideas, is receptive, and is inspired in ways that are organic rather than logical. It is our intuitive sense (that is why we speak of “feminine intuition” – we are speaking of this part of ourselves). It is “that which has yet to find form.” It is infinite, unlimited by time or space. It is non-physical, conceptual and is also “the unknown and the yet-to-be-expressed.” How wonderfully nebulous is the feminine! No wonder the Inner Masculine, with all his logic, plans and finite detail, has trouble corralling it.

David came to me for help with feeling that he had somehow “lost his connection” and ability to make things happen the way he wanted. David had three relationships in which his partner needed an abortion, the last he felt so guilty about that he consented to having the child and had spent the last few years in a relationship he felt unsure he wanted to be in. He felt that his life had “all gone wrong” since then, and no longer felt able to “flow” and just allow things to happen. Everything seemed stuck, hard work and a grind, just working and suffering his relationship, which was not a happy one.

The underlying feeling of David’s story is guilt. Guilt leads us always to create punishing situations, in an effort to pay for our guilt so that we can release ourselves from it. (The only way, actually, is to embrace and acknowledge that we are feeling guilt, which does release it.) David vividly remembered the moment he decided “no more abortions!” – feeling out of control, his Masculine, organizing, logical identity took over and he cut himself off from his feelings and his intuition.

In actual fact, there were some much deeper reasons for David’s situation, which I helped him to overcome. But because he had blamed his Feminine, feeling side, he had cut himself off from his intuition, which thus also cut his access to “universal flow.”

Now, the Feminine usually is out of control! Because it operates not from logic, but from wild ideas, synchronicity, luck and amazing coincidences. You cannot logically explain, or even conceive of, the solutions that the Feminine will bring you. You just have to relax into it, and let it take you … wherever it will. To give an example, I wanted some little baskets to make dolly beds for my daughter and had no idea where to get them. Driving, I let go and suddenly found myself turning down a road I had never taken, which led to – the most unlikely, heavy furniture shop inexplicably also selling the perfect baskets, including the teeny miniature ones that I wanted, and which happened to have lots of pink gauze roses, the perfect decoration, as well. I don’t think I would ever have found that shop, even if someone had given me directions.

Getting the Masculine, logical part of you to let go, so that the Feminine can make amazing things happen for you, is a wonderful art form. I achieved this myself through art, where I learned to let go with my conscious mind (which was usually screaming, “No! You can’t put red there!” as my hand was reaching up and had already done it. “See!  Looks great, doesn’t it?” says the creative (and cheeky) Feminine.)

Usually I find it quite easy to follow my intuition, though sometimes it tells me such strange things that it’s hard to believe that it’s right. It always is. Here is a meditation to help you trust:

Relax, breathe and find yourself on the seashore, at the base of a tall cliff. In your hand a crumpled piece of paper holds a diagram. You are trying to make it out, when a young boy points, suggesting you walk around the cliff. You enter a cove, where a beautiful white yacht is moored, showing your name on its bow and sails. You are welcomed aboard by a beautiful lady in white, a jocular sailor playing a squeezebox and a mermaid playing with shells. This motley crew joins you on the bridge, where you see the radar going around showing your exact position. You point to the dial, and see exactly where you are going next. Stay as long as you wish, and when ready, gently return.


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The Feminine is wrong and dangerous.

When I feel I am wrong or have made a mistake, I deprive myself.

I’m afraid there must be something wrong with me, or not.

Postscript: The real reasons behind David’s situation with abortions included some deep fears that we sometimes take on as a fetus, when there is a risk of us being aborted or cut-off. David was unwittingly exploring and expressing such fears, and also experienced this in other areas, with work projects cut-off after a certain time. These deep issues can be resolved, and do not mean that the inner Feminine or intuitive side has done something wrong. So we don’t need to deprive ourselves of our feelings (which are utterly crucial in guiding us) or from anything else, when we feel we have made a mistake, or fear that we have done something wrong.

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