On Jl. Legian, Disquiet over After-Hours Noise

KUTA ~ Two nightspots on Jl. Legian, Bounty and Sky Garden, were given warnings about noise levels and violations of government entertainment regulations last week, and the owners of other businesses in the area have been pressured to turn down the volume, police said.

The warnings came after a government inspection of the area prompted by complaints about noise and operating hours from local residents.

“It was 3:30am when we made the inspection and the bars were still open,” local district chief Gede Wijaya said.

Government regulations permit entertainment establishments to operate until 3am at the latest.

During the same inspection, a team from the Badung Health Office said they found a bar creating 72 decibels of noise, 60 percent louder than the suggested level.

“Psychologically, it is disturbing and can create deafness,” said Wayan Suka, a member of the inspection team.

Following the results of the inspection, Seminyak village officials called a meeting last Tuesday with owners of 25 other businesses allegedly responsible for noise disturbance in the area.

Wayan Parek, head of Seminyak village, said he allowed music in restaurants but required it to be kept at a tolerable level.

During the meeting the business owners agreed to reduce noise levels.

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