Name: Fariyanto S.N.
Age: 24
Occupation: Law student
From: Sumatra
Marital status: Single

What can be done to improve Bali’s image?

Take part in Ajeg Bali (program to develop and preserve Balinese culture). It’s really important to keep Bali good. Bali already has a good rule: when newcomers to Bali arrive, they have to inform the local government within 24 hours. But the new ruling from Jakarta says that newcomers have a whole year to register with the authorities. This will cause a lot of problems and the local government should do something about it.

Are you satisfied with the current level of security?

I do feel satisfied with the level of security in Bali right now, but for Indonesia in general, I don’t feel satisfied.

Is the central government doing enough to improve Indonesia?

No. Neither the local or central government try hard enough to improve Indonesia. For example, food distribution is not well organized.

What are the challenges that lie ahead?

The practice of law. In theory, the law is good but in practice it’s bad. We need more discipline and hard work to improve it.

Where’s the hottest spot in Bali right now?

Dreamland. It’s such a beautiful beach and although it has become a popular tourist destination, it’s still not too crowded or polluted.

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