Off the Cosmos

Dear, dear, dear! There was certainly a lack of pageantry at the recent Miss China Cosmos Pageant 2007 held at The Mansion Private Resort and Spa in Ubud. Guests, instructed to attend at 6pm “sharp” for a cocktail reception, were offered nothing more than a fruit-based mocktail (I had to beg wait staff for a glass of wine – I mean, really, don’t they know who I am by now?) and with nary a canapé or socialite in sight to entertain! Pray tell. After a tediously long and unapologetic wait from the event disorganizers, (apparently the holdup was due to the governor of Bali’s wife and the wife of the speaker of parliament in Jakarta’s tardiness), 20 Indonesian chapter semifinalists of Chinese descent paraded down the resort’s sweeping marble staircase to pose in fashions from Claudine Jusuf (owner of the Mansion) and designer Ayok Dwipancara. Yawn. The whole pointless event was followed by an equally pointless Bio Energy Show by Martha Tilaar (no clue what relevance this had to the pageant – please explain). I can’t tell you how the Gala Dinner ended as the dinner invite for 7pm (still unseated by 9pm) saw this famished and parched scribe make a fast exit to nearby Amandari Resort for a few stiff and well-deserved vodka tonics. Seen enduring the event were Bali Discovery Tours’ Jack Daniels (who also made a pre-dinner exit), British Consul Mark Wilson, Seniwati Gallery’s Mary Northmore and Dr. Ian Gregory and wife Annie decked out in a glittering Sandra MacArthur “Beaded Boudoir” frock.

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