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Accessing the Wisdom of the Higher Self – ‘The Gift’

SEMINYAK ~ Discover “The Gift” – a new framework for understanding yourself and creating inner harmony. This week, accessing the wisdom of the Higher Self for an enlightened perspective on your life, and harmonizing it for peace within.

The Gift is my concept of four important inner identities that we all need to have working together to fulfill ourselves. They are:  Masculine, Feminine, Inner Child, Higher Self.

The Higher Self is the part of us that just is. It is the still, small voice inside of you, the one that knows, and is wise. Your Higher Self has no needs or desires. It is pure consciousness, and closest to the soul. The Higher Self is tolerant, has a broad perspective, considers the good of all. Its focus in life is peace. Activities the Higher Self enjoys include meditation, reading self-help books, yoga, walking in nature, helping others.

When you come to Bali, you will most likely begin to experience your Higher Self identity even more than usual, because Bali is a very spiritual place, with a high vibrational frequency. The Balinese themselves spend most of their time in their Higher Self identity, focusing on spiritual activities.

Interestingly, however, despite the divine nature of the Higher Self, it does, and can, have deep misunderstandings that can have a very negative effect on your life.

Case Study – Higher Self

Tania came to Bali wanting to escape from working in Austria, where she felt overworked, stressed, and overwhelmed. “It’s such a treadmill!” she said, “I want to get off!” Tania was not wearing shoes. “I don’t need them!” she said, happily. She spent most of her time in Ubud, and had become a vegetarian.

In a transformational healing session, I helped Tania to discover that her Higher Self really felt at odds with the physical world, and in fact, hated her Inner Masculine (the part that we all have, which works, organizes, is physical, logical). Not only that, but the Higher Self secretly wanted to exit. Thus Tania eschewed physical things, such as shoes, and meat in her diet.

If you are afraid of enclosed space, feel trapped in relationships, want to escape and are afraid to commit, then it is likely that your Higher Self (or consciousness) feels trapped in your body, and in this physical world.

I explained to Tania that consciousness cannot express itself in the world of pure light. There it is just white light and “ommm!” with nothing happening. We need the physical world so we can experience ourselves through the five senses. That is why we, as consciousness, came here – to discover ourselves through physical expression.

Sometimes though, the Higher Self has decided that “the real world” is all about pain, lack and suffering, and really feels very uncomfortable about being here. When the Higher Self hates the Inner Masculine like this, this is a major inner conflict, and very stressful. You can release some of the deep beliefs that were creating so much pain for Tania’s Higher Self, below.

If you do have commitment problems in relationships, or at work, or feel uncertain in many areas of life, then the deepest commitment problem is where your Higher Self does not feel fully comfortable at the decision you made to be born into this reality, into your body. Resolve that (below) and you will resolve your commitment problems from A to Z in one fell swoop, for the commitment problems you experience in various situations in life are simply reflecting this deepest level of lack of commitment, of not being sure that you really want to be here.

Also, changing the belief that “it is safe to be here” has a massive effect on how comfortable you feel. If you experience relationships in which you don’t feel safe, have problems with safety and security with money and physical things, then change this belief, and enjoy comfort and safety for the first time in your life (sometimes, we are deeply stressed in our Higher Selves, without even realizing it. Change this belief, and you turn your panic button to off.)


Don’t just read it! Actually try this process, which creates positive transformation for the Higher Self. Invite every part of yourself to be fully present. Now say aloud:

I choose to believe, “It’s not safe to be here.”

I love myself when I believe, “It’s not safe to be here.”

And I embrace it, and I surrender.

Take it slowly, rest afterwards, drink water.

Repeat the process for each of the following beliefs:

I hate men, money, the physical world, cash, Father, Male, Masculine.

It’s not comfortable to be here.

I’m not sure that I am my own best and first choice.

Relax, breathe deeply and really get into this exercise to connect you with your Higher Self. Freely allow your thoughts as you imagine the story in sounds, pictures or feelings.

Meditation – The Higher Self and the Physical World

Relax, breathe and find yourself looking into a pot of honey. You are a bear, with furry paws, dipping in the honey pot and dripping the honey into your mouth, where you have long teeth. Enjoy the feeling of licking the honey off your fur, and the taste, as it drips down your throat, and the feeling of your saliva and your breath. Get in touch with the feeling of your heart, beating inside your body, and become aware of its meaty reality, its texture, its muscles. Now become aware of the bones inside you, supporting your body. It’s safe to be here. It’s safe to be meat and flesh. Enjoy the feeling and allow what comes.  Experience it. Ask for help from angels or guides if you need to. When ready, gently return to the room bringing all you have learned.

Postscript: Relieving these beliefs for Tania led to a deep sense of ease and peace that she had never before experienced.

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