Chinese Cosmetics Seized

DENPASAR ~ Hundreds of tainted cosmetics imported from China were seized from stores in Denpasar and destroyed following a public warning issued by the Central Drug and Food Control Board, according to officials this week.

The cosmetics, mostly whitening agents, consisted of 13 brands that are banned by the government, allegedly for containing traces of mercury, retinoic acid, hydroquinone, rhodamin B (synthetic coloring agent) and diethylene glycol.

Those chemicals are carcinigous and can also cause organ failure and nerve damage, said a government release obtained by The Bali Times.

The raid was conducted by a team consisting of personnel from the offices of the Drug and Food Control Board, Health and Industry and Trade in Denpasar.

“The team randomly selected two stores to look for the tainted cosmetics,” said Made Erwin Suryadarma, spokesman of the Denpasar Mayor’s office, referring to Alfa and Clandys supermarkets in Denpasar.

During the raid, the government team also found unregistered, imitation cosmetics from the Philippines and Malaysia, they said.

“We encourage consumers to pay more attention to the production code, because many of them are not registered with the government,” said Ni Putu Maryati of the Drug and Food Control Board.

To The Times, Maryati said the lack of information has caused difficulties for the government in tracking down the main distributors of the cosmetics.

“Most of the stores aren’t equipped with the legal documents to sell these cosmetics. The goods are distributed among smaller stores on a consignment basis, so it’s difficult for us to track their origin,” she said.


Banned Cosmetics

1. Chiumien Pearl Cream

2. Macalana Skim Cream

3. New Rody Special

4. Ponds Detox

5. SK Infree Papaya

6. Imitated Ponds Lipsticks

7. Ponds Powder

8. QL Cream B

9. Olay Total Effect

10. Cameo Colour Eye, New Placenta

11. RDL Baby Face 2 and 3

12. Olay

13. RDL Whitening Treatment      

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